Sick Of Webinars That Do Not Deliver

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This will be my rant for today and some well-meant advice. So please read on if you feel up to it. It is all connected to your business and learning how to get where you want.

You have probably noted all the offers about webinars and YouTube videos that will show the secret to…. and solution to…. and more.

The copy promises that attending this webinar or course, it will solve all your pain points, and suddenly your daily activities as an affiliate marketer will generate tons of leads and revenue… sounds familiar?

I have seen so many such webinar offers and have opted in on quite a few of them. Every time I was disappointed, with a few exceptions.

It is the same thing over and over again, and I have literally become sick of webinars that do not deliver on what they promise.


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Why Don´t The Marketers Deliver on Their Promise?

Why must “everyone” try to sell you for almost the whole duration of the webinar´s running time? I know that webinars are often one part of the optin and sales funnel method, but it really ticks me off, big time!

You see a great headline that captures your attention, there are some great promises in the following copy of the ad or funnel for the webinar, and everything looks great. It follows the hook, story, offer formula to the point.

And the formula works because it makes you start to think, “Yeah, hmmm, this looks like it could be of benefit and value to me”, and you go ahead and register for the webinar. You grab a great cup of coffee, looking forward to good value for time spent on something that is your “pain point” to get your business going.

And what happens… during 20 minutes to 30 minutes, there is some good value, and things seem golden, and that you will get the value you were promised before you signed up, but then it starts;

The next 30 to 45 minutes is only SELLING and nothing else! And, of course, you stay for a bit because this is not what you signed up for, but you believe that there will be some added value a bit longer down the line.

You leave for another cup of coffee while the webinar is still running, hoping that the selling will stop. When you come back, it is still SELLING, repeating the same thing again, and again, and again.

And the best part is that it is well-known marketers with an excellent reputation to their name that do this.

I can understand if it is inexperienced marketers that do this. But when it is well-known people, that has been in the business for a long time that uses such a method, they must have lost their integrity, ethics and moral.

The only thing that matters to them, is short term gains, monetary wise, not having any mission anymore to help others to solve their pain points and get closer to their goals.

Fake Promises and greed

Business Ethics, Moral, Integrity and Authenticity

I have been working in several industries, also in the government, where we are taught about moral, ethics and integrity in all we do. Based on that experience, I expect to see the same thing in online marketing training.

I find it very strange that someone wants to sit down and, in fact, waste other people´s time, even if they have a good product or a good service. This applies to all, but especially when it comes to well-reputed names in the marketing industry, that should know better.

The worst part, they don´t seem to understand that as role models, beginners in the affiliate marketing industry will model the behaviour they show. Using such a method, they show disrespect and contempt for their target audience and viewers, BIG time.

I will not brag or say that I am better than others. But I know how I want to be” served” by those I chose to sell a product to me. I still have my integrity and moral left and intend to keep it that way.

Giving without excepting anything in return will attract followers that will be loyal to you, trust you and what you have to offer.

In several of these webinars, it is said that it is essential to sell ethically. I don´t believe that all who uses this phrase understand the meaning and concept behind it. It is just there because it is a “trend” and a fancy word.

I say this because the proof is in the webinar´s content when they say and promise one thing and in the next step delivers something else than what they have pledged to earlier in the webinar.

How To Kill Your Business For Good With False Promises

As Online Entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers, we have an obligation to our audience to be fair and trustworthy and not sell false promises and hopes. If there are upsells in a product, don´t hide it, and don´t say that it is free.

We have to be transparent with our business and what we are promoting. We need to show respect for people who may be in a dire situation, trying to find a way to make ends meet, seeking solutions in what we offer through our content is crucial.

Failing in delivery on our promises creates a bad reputation that will spread quickly in today digitized world. It will give you a bad reputation, that will take time to recover from, if you can at all.

Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary Marketer As Role Models

I am so happy to have discovered Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary Marketer. They teach the right attitude and respect for your target audience in their educational content.

If you register for their training, follow the training diligently and put it into practical use. I know that many people take shortcuts when it comes to ethical and legal stuff. It is so dull all that stuff, so why bother? I just want to start making money!

Skipping that step will get you into trouble, and you will lose customers.

There is a reason why this topic is covered so comprehensively in the training you get from Legendary Marketer. If I remember correctly, the legalities training webinar is 1 hour and 45 minutes long, with a slide deck of 45 slides!

With Wealthy Affiliate, this topic is also central in training and is reflected throughout the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) and WA Affiliate BootCamp.

Let’s just listen and read carefully to what they are teaching. We will develop an automatic habit to provide consistent value in our content, which respects our business’s legal aspects.

Final Words and A Silent Prayer to All the Marketers Out There, New or Experienced

Please be authentic and genuine and think about what your target audience is looking for. You are here to serve your audience, not yourself.

Do you want to sit through a webinar from 30 minutes to 2 hours, and you get nothing else out of the webinar other than “sweaty ears” and wasted time that instead could have been used to write blog posts for your own website.

Be patient and follow the formula taught by serious marketers and platforms like Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary Marketer.

Avoid the “shiny objects” and promises to make quick cash during your journey to become an online marketer. It is the way to the “dark side”. And finally, Do the training at least one more time. Just like the top athletes, training will turn you into a master of your skills.

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6 thoughts on “Sick Of Webinars That Do Not Deliver”

  1. Hi Roy. Thank you for this great post. I couldn’t agree more that its not easy to find valuable webinars online. Im just starting my adventure with digital marketing, and I was looking into multiple trainings to learn something more (both free as well as paid). To be fair I wasn’t impressed with results, only really good platform I found is wealthy affiliate. With tons of training I would recommend it to everyone as a starting point. I haven’t heard before about Legendary Marketers but looking on your article definitely this is something I want to check as well.

    • Hi, thank you for reading and taking the time to convey your opinions about how these webinars are done. Wealthy Affiliate proves its weight in gold time after time in my view. Some features with the WA Platform could have been better, but the training  and classes are great

      In addition to Legendary Marketer, another good place to start learning some more is Jonathan Montoyas 3 days challenge, you can check it out on this link . I have done the challenge it is very good and you get access to valuable free stuff as well.

  2. Being authentic and genuine is good for any business. But its results pay-off in the long run. Many marketers are just desperate and want results now, trampling their long-term success. I am glad you have stressed this point. And I completely agree with you. It’s a matter of short or long vision.

    • Hi, Abel. Your comment is a great summary of my article. I just read 95 page Ebook about starting to create my own books for publishing on Amazon and elsewhere and becoming a bestselling author. The title promised something tangible but was mostly a 95-page sales pitch for a mentoring programme, which I am sure is very good, considering who has written the Ebook. 

      But the message could have been said with 2 to 3 pages, and having the same result. But I think it is a matter of following the process of “if you repeat something enough times, it becomes the truth”, and in the process, losing the goals and the reasons for the goals, we have set for ourselves.

      A good example of not wasting other people´s time, where a live session on YouTube with Tony Robbins yesterday. The live session was short and straight to the point of his offer for his inner circle program. It was minimal selling and delivered in a way that provided good value for the time spent watching it.

      All the best,


  3. Hello Roy,

    Such a meaningful article tackling one of the most controversial topics of marketers, that has caused many people to waste time, money and investments by overselling false or impossible ideas through their methods.

    I would say I have a similar approach and understand where you come from regarding to how we should serve customers with the utmost respect and integrity, to not waste their time on products/services that dosen’t work for them. I have had experience before, where agents/marketers became overly aggressive, unethical in communications and just pushing to sell rather than understand what the customer needs. This should never be the way to approach your audience as you have mentioned.

    I can relate when it comes to transparency in delivering the outcome, where trust is crucial to make both sides work. I’ve been through the WA training before and I can say is that they do motivate you in the right direction and not oversell that success can be achieved instantly; unlike what most marketers on other various platforms tend to do with catchy phrases. Rather like you mentioned, to provide content that has consistent value which is what people are searching for.

    Thank you for highlighting and expressing your thoughts on how marketers should lead ethically and not deceive their audiences. Any advice would you give to marketers on how they should approach to maintain the balance of ethics, integrity in the competitive field of affiliate marketing? Hope to read more from you with best regards!

    • Joe, well written and spot on. My advice to marketers is quite simple, and that is to sit down and do an audit of their performance and behaviour patterns. And in doing this, be brutally honest with themselves and do the best to observe it from an objective viewpoint.

      Ask the questions; How do my prospective customers perceive me? Do I want to listen to this webinar as one of the audience? Can I deliver on my promises?

      This should be repeated every day. 

      All the best,



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