One Of The Biggest Misconception About Affiliate Marketing is……?

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msiconception about affiliate marketing

I am quite new to the world of online marketing. I started to get acquainted with the way of doing business in March 2020. Now it is almost a year later, and what has happened during this period?

One thing I have noticed is that there is an incredible amount of noise out there. And if you are new, you can easily become a victim of information overload and victim of other people´s limiting belief in what they can achieve and lastly, but not least, a flood of misunderstood facts about the affiliate niche of business.

So this article will discuss my experience, my opinion and observations as a “newbie”, and also in my view about one of the biggest misconception about affiliate marketing

This article will be a lot about me and my journey, but it is written for newcomer and beginners in the niche, and to be a guide in the jungle of affiliate marketing.


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In The Beginning, There Was…?

I want to get one thing out of the way, I am not a businessman, or educated in business. I am a professional pilot, both military and commercial, further, I am currently into project management.

But, isn´t my job as a project manager exactly that, working in the business? Yes and no, that is not all correct. It is more about being an organizer and making things happen according to an agreed plan.  But I have gained some knowledge about business from the work in project management.

Starting with affiliate marketing was a part of a dream of creating a space for myself on the Internet, where I could share my knowledge with others. But I never took the time to find out how to do it properly.

Last year I bumped into this great and informative website that oozed authority and knowledge, and I couldn´t stop reading. I was fascinated. This was well worth the investment in time and a bit later, one week to be exact, the money to get to know affiliate marketing better. The website was “One More Cup of Coffee

What a curious name that was for a website about making money online. But so wonderfully creative. The owner of the website is Nathaniell Brenes, and he has been doing affiliate marketing for more than 10 years and are very successful. His explanation about the niche and business model were easily explained, and easy to understand. It resonated well with me.

Why did it feel right for me? I have always been interested in computers and technology, and somewhere inside of me, a desire to be successful in offering people something they need. On Nathaniell´s website, the blueprint was laid out, without any hidden secrets that are usually promised everwhere. And they way he had done it, instilled trust in him and the message he conveyed in his article.

I followed his offer for a 7-day free introduction to affiliate marketing, through Wealthy Affiliate. And to make a long story short, I signed up for the first month of membership on the platform.

You Can Get Started For Free – But Know What You Are Looking For

You can start in affiliate marketing without having other expenses than spending time to do the necessary work, full stop!

It is the biggest misconception about affiliate marketing there is that you have to pour money into it to get started. And people buy into this myth because they do not make the necessary reality checks before jumping into the belief.

So, If anyone is trying to sell you a story that you need this and this product which cost so and so, they are not speaking the truth!

The truth is that if you want to shorten the time it takes to get up and running, you can choose a paid service and/or tool. And there are several platforms that provide such services, which are of very good quality, no question about it.

Remember that the people behind the products briefly mentioned above, are there ultimately to make a living out of what they do.

The bottom line is that you have to put in the time and effort to get things flowing in a consistent and recurring manner. It will not make you successful overnight. You have to realize that as an affiliate marketer you have started a business venture no matter how you look at it.

Do the necessary groundwork before you “start running”. There are some guidelines to follow that will make your journey easier and I will come back to them later in this article.

I Can Get Started For Free But How Do I Go About It

You should get yourself a domain and a website. It doesn´t need to be anything fancy, and you might think that I don´t need them. Trust me it will pay off later.

WordPress is what I use. It is a free website builder, which is very easy to use and is often offered by a lot of website hosting companies in the packages they have.

You can get web hosting for free from some companies, and some companies will offer it for free for a period of time to get you started. After the free period is over, you can continue for a reasonable annual or monthly fee.

One piece of advice and warning is in place. Be careful with the free web hosting providers. They usually don´t provide the best service when it comes to safety and security. They are more vulnerable to hacking attacks than paid services are. Further, the amount of storage space for your domain and website is usually limited and support is often limited as well. Add this to proprietary page builders, which can be clunky to use, and a paid option is often the best way to proceed.

get started for free - try and decide

There will usually be a lot of ads placed on your website from the web hosting provider. This is how they generate income to cover the expenses they have, for providing you with a service for free.

But, how to proceed. Decide what you want to do with your domain and website, and then select a name for your domain, which normally also will be the name of your website. When you have decided on your domain name, check if the name is available, if it is not available you can change the extension for your domain. An extension is the .com, .org .net ending in the address to your domain, an example:, where “.com” is the extension.

Choose a domain name, and preferably a .com extension, if available, do not choose either a .org or .net extension, and in that order. The reason behind this advice is due to exposure and easily remembered name. You can think of your domain name as an asset of value. An attractive short name with a ” .com” extension, is more valuable and attractive than a long name with a “.one” extension.

It is just like the difference between gold and silver or the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Also, select a domain name the preferably reflects you or what you do on the Internet. This doesn´t mean that you can´t succeed with a name that catches attention easy, the name in itself not having anything to do with what you do, but then you will have to tie the name in with what you do in the content you publish on your website.

Free Webhosting Providers

According to the website WP Beginners, the following providers offer a great free service. Some are free, permanently, and some offer a free service for the first year or for a shorter period of time.


I don´t know Wix or Weebly personally so I will support the description of these 2 in the article published on WPBeginnersTalking about, I have some experience with what they provide. It is a good service to get started. But they earn money from the service they provide. This doesn´t mean that you cannot use them for free, but there are some limitations to the free plan.

Almost Free Best Value Webhosting Providers

The list below gives you a great place to start out with if you can afford to spend some money on a provider. These are again recommendations form WPBeginners. I have personally not tried any of these 6 out, but form the reviews I have read they provide good value for the money you spend on them.


My Personal Recommendations

I try to stay away from the web hosting services that have their own website builders. I prefer to use WordPress. As such a stand-alone installation of WordPress with the best domain provider for you, with the best balance in price/value, is a path I recommend.

This way of doing it relates to me since I consider myself tech-savvy, and can solve any challenges that arise.  If you are not there yet or don´t want to spend time learning all the nuts and bolts, a web host provider that also offer WordPress installation with a few clicks is definitively the way to go.

personal recommedations

My 2 personal recommendations int his respect si Wealthy Affiliate and Why do I recommend them? It depends on what you want to do with your website. is a web hosting platform that offers to buy a domain, website hosting and email hosting, that is basically what they offer. They have additional services, but it is a great choice to get started with a website..They also offer a one-click installation of WordPress.

Wealthy Affiliate offers the same thing but is so much more in addition. It is a complete education platform, teaching you what you want to know in order to make money online with a WordPress based website. They also teach you how you can leverage your website and as such expand your business with the use of YouTube, Email Marketing, SEO optimisation and more. starts at a base price of 99 NOK ($10), and costs more as you add functionality to your webspace. Wealthy Affiliate has 3 price plans, Starter, which is free, Premium and Premium Plus. The starter account gives you a free domain and 10 free lessons over 7 days to get started. After that period of time, you have to pay for further tutorials. The Premium and Premium plus plans add functionalities to your hosted websites and tools to serve your business venture.

Included in the membership the Keyword and SEO tool Jaaxy, which is one of the best one of its kind

Some Final Words

You can get started for free with a website and web hosting. It doesn´t need to cost you much at all. it ll depends on what you want to achieve with your space on the Internet.

What you need to decide is what do you want to do? How fast do you want to do it? Do you want quick, one time results or long-lived, and consistent results?

When you answer these questions, the route and the choices of web hosting will be easier to choose for you.

Some other alternatives to the solution mentioned in the article are ClickFunnels, BuilderAll and But those will be discussed in future articles.

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All the best,

Never Stop Learning and Reach For The Skies!


6 thoughts on “One Of The Biggest Misconception About Affiliate Marketing is……?”

  1. Great information on affiliate marketing.  You are right, there can be different levels of commitment, and no matter how you get started, you can end up making just as much as the one spending hours a day working from home.  I prefer the gradual approach, seems more solid and long lasting to me.

    • Hi, Leah. Thank you for taking the time to read the article and provide your insights into what is discussed. As you say, it all comes down to the commitment and drive to succeed in what you start, no matter what it is.

      What is not conveyed clearly enough I that when you start out, you are entering a jungle with a lot of predators that want to get a “straw” into your pocket, sucking your hard-earned cash away without giving anything back than empty pockets.

      What is good, is that several of the really big and successful names in affiliate marketing are offering a lot of very good and valuable tools and info without asking to get paid. Combining these resources with a free WordPress site can get you off to a good start. 

      Stay safe,


  2. Hey Roy. Thank you for great article. Im new in affiliated marketing as well (created my own blog just few months ago) and still learning how to function in this word. I can agree that you can start without entry costs, and the best example is wealthy affiliated. With tons of trainings and active, supportive community this is best place to learn how to earn money online.

    • Hi, Cogito, Thank you for stopping by and reading the blog post. The community and the training at Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best I have encountered and is a great place to learn affiliate marketing.

      What is easy to forget is that at some time down the line, after starting up and depending on how “large” your goals are, there will be a need to invest some money into the business. But it doesn´t need to be much.

      Nathaniell at WA has an excellent blog site with a very good introduction to affiliate marketing and how to do it. It is a highly recommended website.

      All the best,


  3. I found a lot of good ideas in this blog.   It’s a fact that, today, there are scores of “information” websites out there on how to make it as an affiliate marketer.  Some are helpful, some are not!  “Information overload”  is a good term that applies here.

    I found that one of the most helpful parts of this blog  was the link to the  “One More Cup of Coffee” website.  It’s amazing how many things I discovered by reading that website.    It’s all about making money online.

    Like the author of this blog, I also started out with a dream of creating a space for myself on the Internet, where I could share my knowledge with others.  I got most of my knowledge from Wealthy Affiliate, which I believe is one of the best training website for affiliate marketers.  I had had a lot of experience with discovering and playing brain games, advanced brain training and optimal brain health. So I started out with that expertise.    By reading it, I discovered that my concept of the Niche and business model was correct.  I knew I could  be successful by offering people something that they need.

    Like the blog author, I have always been interested in computers and technology.  My background is in information technology.  I’ve been a computer programmer, business analyst and project manager.

    This is a very informative and well-written blog.  I learned a lot from reading it and trying all the suggested links.

    • Hi, Monique. I am very happy that we have similar views of the jungle of information and “misinformation” out there on the digital highway.

      I use One More Cup of Coffe as my encyclopedia if I need answers or pointers to a solution to a challenge or problem I encounter when working on my business.

      People starting out with digital marketing, tend to be blinded by all the shiny objects out there and is fed the belief that they will see 6 figures of income virtually overnight.

       Using our own experience and interests in our marketing efforts is crucial in building a loyal audience. This type of audience, organic leads, is the core of sustained success.  Paid traffic and leads die out the moment the “money line” is cut.

      All the best,



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