OLSP Mega Funnel Review – (5 Reasons Why You Need It)

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OLSP MegaFunnel Review 5 Reasons Why You Need It

What are your pain points in your affiliate marketing efforts? Are you struggling to get commissions online, not getting any traction in traffic, have no product that converts well, or don’t know how to do affiliate marketing?

OLSP Mega Funnel is answering all of the above. In this review, I will explain why. This review will be a gamechanger for your affiliate marketing efforts.

Are you looking for a simple way to start your Internet Marketing Career? Read on for my OLSP Mega Funnel Review and get to know 5 reasons why you need it.


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 The OLSP Mega Funnel – What Is It?

OLSP Mega Funnel 5 Reasons Why You Need It

In my previous blog post about the OLSP system, I explained how the OLSP system could be an excellent gateway to affiliate marketing and learning how to generate traffic online if you are new to affiliate- and Internet marketing.

However, OLSP is constantly tweaking, tuning and updating the platform for its members benefit. The latest and biggest update for some time is the launch of the brand new OLSP Mega Funnel

It is developed to make it easier for beginner affiliate marketers to earn their first commissions online while learning how to earn even more commissions. 

You don´t have to worry about not knowing about the different areas in Internet marketing like; creating an email list, creating content, driving traffic to promote products and services. The Mega Funnel takes care of all this for you. And you can focus on learning the Internet marketing trade instead.

This review is not an objective evaluation as I am a user of the product and platform itself. The review is based on my experiences using the funnel since its launch one week ago.


 Who is the OLSP Mega Funnel Intended For? 

The OLSP Mega Funnel is for Affiliate marketers, Internet marketers, Online marketers in all niches who want a DFY solution with basically everything set up for you, leaving you time to promote the funnel link.

It is targeted at beginners in Internet marketing but can easily be adapted by experienced marketers to drive traffic and commissions.
It will work almost right out of the box with around 5 minutes spent on setting it up.

If you are a person that is willing to take action, do the necessary work and promote it everywhere you can, you will see excellent results. Remember that a product or a method needs the appropriate action to work as intended.

If customers who have this product, the Mega Funnel, don´t do anything, there will be no results. If they take actionable steps to promote the funnel, they will see results almost proportional to the effort they put in.

Why Use the OLSP Mega Funnel? 

The answer to this should be obvious. The Mega Funnel is a product, a guide, a tool showing a marketer how to access a great platform and use the Mega Funnel to promote the OLSP platform.

It shows you step by step how to get started and how to leverage the promotion of the Mega Funnel to earn commissions. In other words, it is a “handheld” guide on what to do and it converts very well, just like it did in the beta-testing period.

Can You Earn Commissions With OLSP Without Using the OLSP Mega Funnel? 

Yes, you can. It will require buying separate products to set it all up for yourself. It will take a longer time than using the Mega Funnel and more work. The OLSP MegaFunnel is an easy tool to use to start and increase commissions.

Products you will have to use in OLSP, if you go that route, are TDpages, a squeeze page builder and an autoresponder, and you need to write and add all the swipe files for the email follow up sequence.

 Is the OLSP MegaFunnel Suitable For Every Type of Niches? 

The target audience for The OLSP Mega Funnel is Internet Marketing and MMO niches. 

You can use the TDPages templates and the method taught in the OLSP training for any niche you want. You only have to adjust and customize the TDPages squeeze pages to fit with what you are promoting.

TDPages, is an excellent squeeze page builder, easy to use and it can be used in every niche you can imagine.

How Does the Mega Funnel Work? 

OLSP Mega Funnel 5 Reasons Why You Need It

You need to do the following 4-steps to get up and running with the OLSP Mega Funnel. Every step is explained in short instructional videos for each step

  • Step 1- Sign up for the OLSP system.
  • Step 2- Learn how to set up your Mega Funnel Squeeze page and adjust a few settings
  • Step 3- Learn how to get paid traffic to your Mega Funnel
  • Step 4- Learn how to earn your First Commissions by doing and completing the Bootcamp.

After you sign up, you will find the MegaFunnel in your OLSP product access area, at the top of the left-hand sidebar menu.

How Can I Access The Mega Funnel?

OLSP Mega Funnel 5 Reasons Why You Need It

When the Mega Funnel set-up is complete, you will have access to the Bootcamp training area. It consists of 15 Modules where you will earn your first $20 guaranteed if you complete all the modules in the Bootcamp training.

Further, you will also have access to Traffic Nemesis, a separate program teaching you to attract organic traffic. You will also get 50 Solo Ads clicks for free to get you started with driving traffic to your OLSP Mega Funnel squeeze page.

Additionally, there is an option to get everything set up for you by the OLSP Team. You will have to pay for this option, but it could be worthwhile if you are not tech-savvy.

The last option is to upgrade your free OLSP membership to a discounted OLSP Dominators membership. As an OLSP Dominator, you will get supplied with traffic to your squeeze page/squeeze pages in the number of 30 to 150 clicks per month. You will also get access to the OLSP accelerator Facebook group.

Pro´s and Con´s


  • It is a step by step, done-for-you system to earn commissions.
  • Ideally suited for beginners.
  • It is optimized to increase your chances of earning commissions.
  • It shows how strong the OLSP system is.
  • High conversion rate
  • Commissions are well set
  • An active and engaged community


  • It is not a completely free funnel
  • It is not for people that don´t take action.
  • It is not optimized for all types of Niches

  What Are Alternatives to The OLSP Megafunnel? 

There are alternatives to the OLSP Mega Funnel, But these alternatives can be more costly and challenging to get you started. The OLSP Mega Funnel is designed for people who want to quickly begin to do Internet marketing and learn how potent this system is.

Some alternatives I know and can recommend are:

  • ClickFunnels, a good tool, but expensive to start off with, and a bit complicated to use.
  • GrooveFunnels, a good tool, confusing layout, have a free option with limitations, expensive paid price plan.
  • Systeme.io, free to use with some limitations, easy to use, a total CRM solution. Built-in Autoresponder, Great layout of the dashboard and menus.
  • BuilderAll, A complete solution with CRM, Funnels, Autoresponder and more which is awesome. The price plan starts at a very reasonable price point. Very confusing user interface and menu structure. Difficult to understand the way to set up the funnels you are creating.

Of the 4 alternatives listed above, Systeme.io would be my first choice, due to its ease of use.

Another alternative is to buy individual products and set up your funnel promoting OLSP. The only product you need to buy from OLSP if you want to create and customize your OLSP squeeze pages is TDPages. 

If you upgrade your OLSP membership from a Free membership to either OLSP Dominator or VIP, you get access to almost everything on the platform, including weekly coaching.

Finally, you can in fact create a funnel in WordPress quite easily without the need for paid alternatives. It will take a little bit of time, but is not a difficult task.

Do I Recommend OLSP Mega Funnel?

Yes, I do. During the first 24 hours after I completed the set-up, more than 40 people signed up to the funnel and my Email list. I got my first commission from the funnel yesterday, only 1 week after the launch.

You will have to decide for yourself if this is a good product. To me, the OLSP Mega Funnel is a great alternative to get started with Internet Marketing. The system is straightforward to set up, and OLSP is an easy product to promote.

Further, The OLSP MegaFunnel is a powerful tool if you want to boost commissions and most of the work done for you.

If you want to maximize the power of the OLSP system, you would want to get a hold of the MegaFunnel to start seeing commissions, leverage them and grow your email list.

Some Final Thoughts

I have been a member of the OLSP platform since the end of March 2021, and it has been an intensive and exhilarating journey so far. One thing is certain; The platform and system deliver on its´ promise which is to make sure to assist you in getting your first commissions.

If you put in the work and follow the training diligently, you will receive commissions, and it will increase consistently if you just keep on applying the methods taught on the platform.

There are no magic buttons, no false promises made, and you get help and assistance if you get stuck.

OLSP is one of a handful of platforms and programs I wholeheartedly can recommend. The launch of the OLSP Mega Funnel is like pouring rocket fuel on the campfire for your marketing efforts.

The bottom line is that if you want to get started in Affiliate marketing, Online marketing, Internet marketing, I would not look any further than OLSP.

Leave comments and questions below, and I will respond within a day.

6 thoughts on “OLSP Mega Funnel Review – (5 Reasons Why You Need It)”

  1. Hi Roy,

    OLSP seems like a good funnel builder to start an affiliate marketing business, and it’s nice to know that you made a commission only after one week of setting your funnel. I wonder how it is taught to drive traffic to your landing page. Is it mainly focusing on Solo Ads or organic traffic? Since the costs to run these two methods are different. It will be very nice of you to answer my question. Thanks.


    • Hi Matt.

      Thank you for your comment. Your question is a good one. The traffic methods taught to drive traffic to the landing page is both organic traffic and paid traffic. The MegaFunnel takes you through to both methods, which opens up lessons in the OLSP system for both methods.

      Solo Ads has for many a negative tone, but that is due to the existence of a lot of Solo Ads Vendors who are selling “junk” traffic just to get paid. While other vendors provide you with fresh, quality traffic that is ready to act on your offer. Wayne Crowe, the founder of OLSP, is also a Solo Ads vendor, but he is also one of the best ones in the business. His traffic is of high quality and well worth the price you pay for it.
      Anyone who follows the step in the funnel gets 50 Solo Ads clicks for free. This means 50 visitors to your landing page for free

      On the other hand, the Mega Funnel gives you a very good training course for free. Traffic Nemesis teaches you how to use Facebook for organic traffic to your Landing page or your website. Organic traffic is, without a doubt, the best traffic you can get. Traffic Nemesis will teach you how to do this. In addition, the Bootcamp training and the training units on the OLSP platform will also teach you this.

      The bottom line here is that you can boost your traffic with Solo Ads, and see commissions quicker than with organic traffic. But the traffic is cold traffic, which means people do not know you and it will take time and work to warm them up and build trust.
      Focusing on organic traffic will also take time and work, but there you will have warm traffic from the start, trusting you, without other expenses for you than time. And the chances they will check out your future offers are much bigger than with Solo Ads.

      To help you get traffic OLSP offers a membership level called OLSP Dominators instead of the free membership. This will supply you with paid traffic to your OLSP landing pages(your OLSP affiliate link), which will convert into 30-150 people each month to your email list/OLSP team. All of it without you doing anything.
      The only thing you need to do is to follow up with your new team members and inspire them to take action on what they have opted-in for.

      I hope you got the answer to your question. If not please let me know.


  2. Hi Roy – This was a really informative review. I’ll admit, I had never heard of this company or product before but its reassuring to read about a product like this that actually works well for people. I’ve been in affiliate marketing for a little bit now but haven’t gotten to the point of making too many commissions yet. My niche isn’t in the MMO lane and you’d mentioned that this service isn’t optimized for all niches, are you able to expand on which areas this tool wouldn’t be good for? Thank you for sharing your experience with this 🙂

    • In my article, I wrote about the OLSP Megafunnel, which is a funnel optimized for the MMO niche. However, the tools and the steps in the funnel can very well be adjusted to cater for other niches than MMO.

      The OLSP platform is similar to Wealthy Affiliate (WA) but differs from WA in focusing on Internet Marketing as a whole and not on Affiliate Marketing by blogging as Wealthy Affiliate does. Both platforms have very good quality classes and quality training to teach how to make money online through digital marketing as well as a very good affiliate program new users can use to generate commissions.

      And another awesome part of both OLSP and Wealthy Affiliate is that both what is taught and the provided tools can be used for any niche of your choosing. They are not locked to one niche

      One of the tools is a Landing page builder called TDPages, which has to be one of the best and easy to use tools I have tried to create landing pages or squeeze pages. You can set up a landing page and connect it to your autoresponder and website within 5 minutes or less.


  3. Hi Roy,
    This is very interesting to learn about OLSP MegaFunnel through the experiences you have shared. Firstly, the comparison with the other better known but expensive funnel softwares is really helpful. I have never been impressed with the costs of ClickFunnels, GrooveFunnels and BuilderAll, so this seems a better option that those.
    I’m curious what about just doing the funnel pages yourself in WordPress and using your skills in SEO, was that a viable option for you?
    Also are the funnel pages hosted personally by you or hosted by the OLSP system?
    Thanks in advance

    • I agree with you, John. The cost vs what you get has never impressed me either with the more expensive alternatives.

      When it comes to considering using WordPress to create the steps in the funnel, this can of course be done. But it takes some time, and you have to be careful to put in the right links etc. There are some incentives in rebated prices for some of the upsells in the funnel, which you will not be able to add when you create the funnel yourself in WordPress. You also have to create all the email follow-ups from scratch. You need 2 tools to do this, a WordPress website and an autoresponder.

      With OLSP and the MegaFunnel, it is all set up for you in minutes after you opt-in on the front end of the funnel. You don´t need to spend time setting up your autoresponder, you don´t need time to create the email follow up sequence, you don´t need an autoresponder, you will have access to your sign-ups through the “My Team” function in the OLPS Members area, and can follow them up through the internal messaging system in OLSP and/or follow them up in messenger/FB. If you know SEO you can put that to good use optimizing the Optin pages you use for the MegaFunnel even more.

      And if you are using WordPress, there is a TDPages plugin you can add to your WordPress website that will pull the MegaFunnel opt-in page from TDPages into where you want to be shown on your website.

      The MegaFunnel is the closest thing I have seen that can be called a done for you system/ funnel. You have it all set up for you, and you can promote the same thing you use to generate even more commissions. It is a great Lead Magnet to build your buyers list.

      The bottom line for me is that I save time with the MegaFunnel, I can adjust it and tailor it if I am not satisfied with it as it is and I have an awesome lead magnet to build my own business with warm leads. And the most important part is that I am using this myself, and know that this is a product that I can wholeheartedly recommend just like Wealthy Affiliate.

      I guess I have already answered your questions about where it is hosted. The pages are hosted by TDPages. You can put in your own domain if you want to in the settings for the funnel pages.

      I hope I have answered your questions. If not, let me know.



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