OLSP And Traffic Domination Review: Will I Keep My Membership?

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OLSP and Traffic Domination

I was very pleasantly surprised by what met me when I joined OLSP and Traffic Domination platform. After 1 month it was time to do an evaluation of the platform and I asked myself; will I keep my membership?

Affiliate Marketing is often portrayed as the golden ticket to reach financial freedom, setting you up for passive income. The buzz about affiliate marketing is that you don´t need to do much to earn money, but that is not true.

There is one thing that many marketers don´t tell you upfront, and that is the cold hard fact that affiliate marketing takes time and effort to see the results you want, just like a regular job. And in general, people tend to ignore this willingly or unwillingly, believing o the big call-outs of earning your first $100 within a few hours.

You can do affiliate marketing at your own pace and see nice results after a short while. But if you want to see results quicker, both in traffic and of revenue, you have to be quite active all the way from when you start out in this business genre. You have to treat your affiliate marketing business as a professional business to see the intended results.

During my short time as an affiliate marketer, I have tried several platforms and products, letting myself be tricked by shiny objects, and “quick money”, even if my gut feeling told me to stay away. I think it is inevitable to have one or more of these “bad” experiences. In the process, I have “lost” some money and I have wasted lots of my precious time, not following the training and advice during my training, that I could have spent on being together with my family instead.

I started my journey at Wealthy Affiliate – the Home of Affiliate Marketing, which I am still a member of, last year in March (March 2020), learning to do affiliate marketing primarily by blogging. At the end of April, just as I started to engage a bit on Facebook and Messenger, I was invited to try out Traffic Domination and OLSP created by Wayne Crowe. Being a natural sceptic when receiving an invite like this, I was very pleasantly surprised by what met me on the OLSP and Traffic Domination platform.


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Quick Summary

  • Product Name: The OLSP System
  • Quick Description: A system that allows you to earn affiliate commissions by simply inviting people to join a private Facebook Group. It also provides free online training on affiliate marketing, list building and traffic generation
  • Price: It’s FREE to join and stay as a member
  • VIP/Mastermind Group: access $297/month
  • Who Is It For Anyone looking for a way to earn money online through affiliate marketing


  • It’s a simple and legitimate way to earn money online, by just inviting people to join the Traffic Domination Facebook Group.
  • It provides access to a wealth of online training videos. The video content is good, and cover a comprehensive list of topics related to affiliate marketing, list building and traffic generation.
  • Updated continously
  • You are literally taken by the hand and guided step by step on what to do
  • The OLSP system allows you to earn money on various products and programs that sell for as much as $5000.
  • The Facebook Group is a very active and valuable resource for continuous help, support and motivation.
  • Weekly Q&A´s Live
  • Weekly LIVE webinars and training
  • Good support system


  • Although the training in the online videos does provide good value, they are not organized in the most efficient way.
  • The online training is mainly centred around promoting products created by Traffic Domination
  • The OLSP platform is growing fast in membership size and features, this results in some bugs and hiccups.
  • Support might be unresponsive at times due to a small group of staff members


  1. Wayne Crowe’s OLSP System is a simple way to earn money through affiliate marketing for free… you essentially just need to invite people to join the Traffic Domination Facebook Group.
  2. Joining is free, which is a great plus. This lowers or rather eliminates the cost barrier for anyone wanting to make money online.
  3. The OLSP System also provides free online training on affiliate marketing, list building and traffic generation. The training is fairly good.
  4. If you want a source of online income but without the typical challenges of not having enough or no money to invest, not having the skills to sell, not having access to the necessary resources or not know how to create marketing funnels, then the OLSP System is your answer.
  5. Experienced marketers will definetly benefit from the platforms as well.

OLSP and Traffic Domination an All In One Solution

One Link To Rule Them All“.

I will keep my membership, case closed!! I hope this review will explain why.

The OLSP platform is unique. There is as far as I know no other platform with a similar system that provides the amount of top-quality training and tutorials for free as OLSP does.

When you have joined the OLSP System you’ll be given your own special link, the mega link, which is your own unique affiliate link that you can use to invite people to join the Traffic Domination Facebook Group.That is basically it, you share your link with those who want it, primarily from Facebook, and you will build your marketing E-Mail list.

You do not have to pay anything to get access to the platform or the Facebook group. The training is comprehensive and takes you literally by the hand, guiding you step by step on how to get started and leverage your already existing digital marketing business.

OLSP Boot Camp 15 Steps

Further, you are automatically approved as an affiliate and can start to promote OLSP Traffic Domination and the Traffic Domination products at once. In fact, you are guaranteed to earn your first $20 commission by completing the OLSP Bootcamp training within 14 days after registering. It is a 15 step training program that will take you about 2 to 3 hours to complete if you do it in one sitting.

In summary, OLSP is an all in one solution, providing for free, all the training and tools that sets you up to start promoting quality services and products, while you learn how to leverage your online business.

Bearing in mind the advice to not rely on a single source of income, many of the products you can promote via OLSP and its Affiliate Promotion Feature, are sold on JVZoo, Clickbank and WarriorPlus, without you needing to be an approved affiliate of the platforms, as Affiliate Promotions is an affiliate program withing OLSP.

The live training and demos often are followed by a very good offer on products related to the topic of the training. The products are mostly not OLSP´s own products but sold via other platforms by other vendors. 

But Wayne Crowe has always bargained a price tag on these products with huge rebates and bonuses. Through these products, if you buy them, you get to be approved immediately as an affiliate of the product and are allowed to promote them on your own website or social media platform.

This is a huge benefit in itself as it is not easy to get approved as an affiliate of products sold on WarriorPlus and JVZoo when you are a new affiliate with no or a minor track record.

Who Is Wayne Crowe

OLSP Wayne Crowe

Wayne Crowe is a seasoned marketer and Solo ads vendor. He is known as one of the best vendors for paid traffic and is very good at organic traffic as well. He started as a digital marketer 15 years ago with SEO and E-commerce and has constantly evolved towards what he loves doing most, which is Traffic and conversions.

8 years ago he started building large targeted lists from a variety of traffic sources and converting them into sales for himself, and his clients!

Wayne´s approach to digital marketing is to take absolute beginners and advanced marketers along a path to reach the same destination, the journey to more SUCCESS. No matter what stage they are at, he already has the solution or he is building it.

He engages live on the different FB groups; Traffic Dominators, OLSP Action Takers and Traffic Domination VIP almost every day, as well as doing at least one live demo or training every week.

He is genuine and he is unique as he engages directly with the members of OLSP. He shares a lot about which direction to take the system he has built and wants input from the members. He wants you to succeed and takes a personal interest in seeing to it that you do.

OLSP at a Glance

OLSP is the “brainchild” of Wayne Crowe, and stands for “One Lead System Pixel”. It is a legendary traffic system that allows all members of Traffic Dominators to make recurring commissions without making any sales.

It is basically one specific link that is “pixeled” to you and can generate commissions for you from all the activities through the OLSP platform.

To find out how it works and how to join in and get started, you MUST first join the Traffic Dominators Facebook group and watch the pinned video at the top. Here your journey will begin.»

It is completely free to join and you can get commissions without paying for the training or getting access to promote OLSP or the products on the platform

OLSP Traffic Domination A Community of like-minded online marketers

As described in previous paragraphs, OLSP consists of the OLSP platform itself, the Facebook Groups; Traffic Dominators, OLSP Action Takers and Traffic Domination VIP. Traffic Dominators is free to use, While for OLSP Action Takers and Traffic Domination VIP you have to pay to get access to. 

The two latter Facebook Groups are for the OLSP members that are determined to leverage their affiliate marketers to another level, all the way to a full-time activity or passive income in its purest sense.

If you are a beginner, or new to the platform you start by doing the basic Bootcamp training, which gets you kickstarted into online marketing and how the OLSP platform works. The only thing you need to do is to register to become a user of the platform, usually through the Traffic Domination Facebook group and then it is off to the OLSP Bootcamp.

When finishing the Bootcamp, you can go on and continue with another 9 training units available both in the free Traffic Domination group on Facebook and through the OLSP platform. I the training units you will be taken through more detailed training in relation to the different types of online marketing and source of traffic. The access to the training units redirects you to the Facebook group.

The Bootcamp is a great start if you are new to affiliate marketing and online marketing in general. It is also good for more experienced marketers as it provides a nice recap of the trade and also what the OLSP platform offers in terms of features and products.

After the Bootcamp, the training units will take you by the hand to set you up on how to utilize the OLSP system to the maximum benefit for you.

And yes, you can also buy software that will help you in different areas of your marketing efforts. The products are actually very good, and not just anything that is thrown in there to be bait.

OLSP – A Short Summary

OLSP consists of:

  • Traffic Domination Facebook Group – an exclusive FB group consisting of members of varying experience levels helping each other out.
  • Online Training Videos – step-by-step videos about affiliate marketing, list building, traffic generation and the OLSP System itself.
  • The OLSP Members Dashboard – a members area that gives you access to your OLSP System mega link, the training videos, your affiliate statistics and other information and resources.
  • TD (Traffic Domination) Products – several products created by the Traffic Domination team related to affiliate marketing, list building and traffic generation.”
  • Affiliate Products: OLSP platforms own affiliate program
  • VIP Mastermind group: For people that wants to take their online marketing efforts to the top

You start out in the first FB group, Traffic Domination. By being a member of this group you get access to a huge library of training that will set you in the position to earn money online.

The training is completely free, both in the FB group and on the OLSP platform, and consistently build your business with the methods taught and the tools that OLSP provides with the free membership.

If you want to accelerate and leverage your marketing, TD offers members the opportunity to upgrade their accounts to OLPS Dominators and to Traffic Domination VIP. OLSP Dominators is often the next and natural step on the evolvement ladder, with VIP membership at the top for those who want to turn this into a full-time venture and to see quicker results

The platform also offers products that you can promote to others to earn commissions as well as getting the products yourself at a huge discount.

Some Final Words

As mentioned previously I started with affiliate marketing in March 2020. I didn´t focus on it more than a hobby in the beginning. But the concept started to grow on me after 3 to 4 months, and I saw the potential that exists in the world of online marketing.

Online marketing as a solopreneur is challenging since you have to do all tasks yourself in the beginning. The most difficult task is to understand how to get traffic to your platforms. There are several reasons for it, one of them not being consistent with content production, and focusing on my main platform which is my website.

Everything changed after joining OLSP. After just 2 weeks I saw my first $8 in commissions. And that was from doing barely anything other than speaking and telling my network about OLSP. And my commissions and email list is growing each day. Now in the middle of July 2021, having been anOLSP member for 3 months, I am passing $500 in paid revenue!

If I were to start from scratch again, not knowing about digital marketing, or if I knew about digital marketing and hadn´t succeeded much in it, I would have started with OLSP. You lose nothing other than a bit of time if you decide to leave OLSP after completing the training.

So what are you waiting for? Click the banner above and give OLSP a try!

Leave comments and questions below and I will respond within a day, and please share the article with someone that you think should read it.

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