My Personal Watcher Spy Review 2021

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The best way to stay orientated in the market you do business in is to know what the leading marketers and your competing marketers are up to. We learn from each other and as we do we become experts in our target niche, but maybe with different specialities.

It is difficult to keep track of what your fellow marketers do if you are doing it completely manually. A way to do this automatically would be a blessing to free up treasured time.

I have found a tool that immediately has freed up time for me. Read on for my personal Watcher Spy Review 2021

Watcher Spy


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What is Watcher Spy and What Features Does It Provide

I got Watcher Spy on a trial basis from Chris Fong 14 days ago. I didn´t start to use it until three days before the trial ended, but I should have started to use it earlier. The software is excellent.

I follow several influencers and marketers in my three niches on a regular basis, but the manual labour to check what they have been up to is time-consuming. Because of this, I have often wanted a solution that could help me keeping track and ease my workload. That option has manifested itself into Watcher Spy.

Watcher Spy is a central hub, giving you an immediate overview of your favourite marketers activities on the major platforms on the social media scene, including their website.

It is quick to setup. Within 5 minutes, you have several of your favourite persons on your Watcher Spy feed.
The filtering function makes the feed very tidy and minimizes the risk of information overload. watcher spy set up

You can also tailor the software to send you a “digest” at the interval you decide. Watcher Spy then sends you an email with a summary of what has happened in the last 24 hours at a time interval you decide.

Watcher Spy supports feeds from Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, and you can add the websites of the influencers you follow, including their gravatar.

The insight I get into my selection of influencers and marketers using Watcher Spy is source a great inspiration for my own content creation process. It makes it a lot easier to come up with ideas and other angles to the same topic I am working on.

Watcher Spy comes at a premium price, but you cannot underestimate the sheer value of the tool. You will never run out of topics to write about, and you will always stay on top of what is going on within the digital marketing world or other niches depending on your interest.

Watcher Spy has become my new favourite tool in my marketing business.

How To Use The Software and Give Value to Your Business

The use of Watcher Spy is limited to your own creativity. I have found the following ways to use the software to my benefit.

  • Increased knowledge through learning
    To grow our business and expand we need to learn. To learn we need to gain knowledge and we can tap into the needed knowledge from the persons we are following. for example, I follow Rachel Pedersen. She is the queen of social media, and I started to follow her when I began to use Tik Tok. As I did, I started to gain loads of much needed knowledge about social media, as she is present on every major social media platform that exists, and she is successful in doing that.Another person I follow is Brian Brewer, which is another very successful marketer. I learned about him through Legendary Marketer when I started to use Tik Tok to drive traffic. I bought the 15 Sec Free Leads training from Legendary Marketer, where Brian explained how he was using Tik Tok for his business.
  • Expanding your network
    A big network with knowledgeable and successful persons is a great method to become successful quickly. This method is taught and promoted by several famous people i the marketing Industry, like Russell Brunson, and  Brian Hufford.Watcher Spy can help you with this task, to add your Dream 100 and engage with them and their followers for good business relationships
  • Content
    if you are struggling with creating content, Watcher Spy can become a well of unlimited ideas for you. When you follow people which regularly post content of good value to your target audience, you will have a great source of ideas on what topics you can write about.If you make a habit of adding blogs that are consistently popping up in the SERPs for the same product reviews or topics you want to write about, you will never run out of new content. The same method is successful using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Content Curation
    Another way to continuously publish content, which is also a great way to get to grips with procrastination, is content curation. Curation is a great trigger to activate the creative side of your brain, no matter if you are new to the game or experienced.If you curate and share content you find on the Internet, consistently, you will quickly get noticed and build trust. Share the curated content on Facebook, Instagram, Webtalk and other platforms and do it consistently on a schedule. You could do a weekly roundup post around a specific topic, and one successful example of this method is Matt Diggity, who does a brilliant weekly SEO roundup post on his blog.

Watcher Spy´s Pro´s and Con´s

I have used Watcher Spy actively for a  week and a half. It is a short period to fully know the product, and write a thorough review, but that being said, so far it has been a brilliant piece of software both in its simplicity of setting up and in its use. The true value of the software will in time show itself. But  I have had a great effect from it already, only after a week and a half.


  • Quick set-up, less than 5 minute
  • Easy to add followers
  • Filtering function on time, users, feed type and tags
  • Adjustable time interval settings for new posts
  • Customizable daily digest feature
  • The monthly fee is only $7
  • Offers a lifetime license fee which is reasonable


  • You have to set it up on every device you use
  • Can be difficult to set up a URL for a feed from Homepages, if you are not familiar with rss feeds
  • Limited numbers of feeds, only cater to the major ones
  • Not free for use

Some Final Words

I have been using Watcher Spy for a week now, and it has become a central tool to my daily tasks and research for content and trends. It provides me with an immediate overview of what is going on within my niche.

The ease of installation and use is great. Anyone can do it without assistance. For a fee of $7 dollars per month, you get a small piece of software that will provide you with a tremendous benefit to your business.

There are some drawbacks to the software, but I am sure they will be addressed in future versions.

Watcher Spy is highly recommended

4 thoughts on “My Personal Watcher Spy Review 2021”

  1. This is very affordable software. And the impact on our small business seems to be significant. I find myself struggling to get these overviews on my own. I have been blogging for more than a year now and I’m starting to get my foot in the door. So I think it’s time to invest in tools! Thanks for calling my attention to this one!

    • Hi, Ann. The software opens a new door for me of getting insight to the business the “easy” way. It is a gem, that should be in everyone’s toolbox.


  2. Watcher Spy is an amazing asset for anyone who wants to take their online business to the next level. This software has some amazing advantages for new ideas and insight.  Watcher spy supports feeds from Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and twitter, and even their websites can be added to the “watch”.

    One of my favorite “perks” of this software is you can tailor the software to send you a “digest” at your chosen intervals. Watcher spy will then send you an email of a summary of what has happened in the last 24 hours. Awesome!!

    The cost of the software comes at an amazing price in my opinion, for just $7 per month you will gain insights and ideas that you never had before, and will continue to create many facets of creativity for your future content.

    I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about developing high-quality content that is “fresh” with any and every trend. In my opinion, this is a “must-have” software tool that the serious entrepreneur cannot live without.

    • Hi, this is an almost new review of my review, but you have repeated and highlighted the features of Watcher Spy very well.

      Watcher Spy is one of those “must-have” plugins for your browser and should be in every marketer’s tool chest.



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