My Personal ClickFunnels 2021 Review

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Update 15 July 2021:

I am not an affiliate of ClickFunnels anymore as I have found another Landingpage/Squeezepagebuilder, TDPages that fulfil my needs perfectly, for a much lower price than ClickFunnels. I will write a review of TDPages in the next couple of weeks.

That doesn´t mean that I don´t recommend ClickFunnels, but at its current price plans, it is aimed at a totally other audience than the beginner and average marketer.

Original post:

Since November last year, I have been a member of ClickFunnels due to doing Legendary Marketers 15-Day Business Building Challenge. I have had the opportunity to try ClickFunnels out for some months to learn what funnels are and how to do funnel marketing.

ClickFunnels introduced me to Russell Brunson, although I knew a bit about him from before via Dean Graziosi´s Master Mind Challenge in august 2020, and I have to say that my world changed learning about funnels from Russel Brunson.

Do I recommend ClickFunnels? To be honest, I would say a BIG YES, but you have to be aware of some factors. I will get back to these factors later in this review. Read on for my personal ClickFunnels review for 2021.


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14 Days of Free Access to All Features of ClickFunnels

When registering for ClickFunnels, you get 14 – days of free access to the platform, which gives you the time to get acquainted with it and create funnels. You get access to some free funnels to play around with, and there is a marketplace where you can buy access to more funnel templates.

The platform has a user interface that is easy to navigate, but there is room for some confusion if you are new to funnel creation and new to a block editor. To address this, ClickFunnels has training videos that introduce you to the platform and show how you can utilize it.

A block editor is basically an editor where you design your website by the drag and drop method. You drag website elements into place on your web page, just like you would do playing with Lego. There are text elements, image elements, Headline elements, banner elements, social media elements and more.

High Ticket Affiliate Program

ClickFunnels offers an affiliate program you can apply for, ClickFunnels Affiliate Program, a high ticket commission program. You can earn up to 40% in commissions as an affiliate of ClickFunnels.

In addition to high ticket commissions, the affiliate program provides you with a lot of pre-made resources to promote their product. These resources are e-mail swipes, graphics optimized for every social media platform, and pre-made videos to incorporate in your campaigns.

When the 14 days trial period is up, it will cost you $97 per month to continue using the platform. If you want to have access to additional features of ClickFunnels, you can upgrade to ClickFunnels Platinum membership, which will cos­t you $297 per month.

If you think $97 is expensive, I agree with you. But if you are serious in making money online, or using funnels for attracting followers, the price is lower than one Caffe Latte at Starbucks every day for one month. With the outlook of a 40% commission from a referral that will put $38 in your pocket, the decision should be a no brainer.

What is ClickFunnels and How Does It Work?

If you think of ClickFunnels as only a Funnel Marketing platform, the cost is high, but the platform is a lot more than meets the eye. It is a hosting provider and a place where you can buy your domain. It is a Funnel Marketing tool and a marketing education platform. Further, it is an autoresponder and a website builder. And lastly, they provide tons of free stuff for you, offered to you via e-mails from them.

You can build funnels yourself, or you can buy funnel templates from ClickFunnels. Using the templates will considerably cut the time required to launch your funnel. The templates are straightforward to use, almost like a plug and play.

Considering the platform with all its features as a whole, it is good value for your money, even if you can get similar results for a fraction of the cost elsewhere, but it will cost you quite a bit in terms of both time and frustration.

What Happens After 14 Days Free Access?

After the trial period, you will have to pay to stay as a user. If you choose to invest in another month on the platform, you have tons of possibilities to leverage your business, in my case, affiliate marketing.

I can use the solution to drive traffic to help build my e-mail list or promote products and services related to affiliate marketing such as ClickFunnels. Or you can use funnels to promote or sell other products like books, webinars and coaching services.

If you have the possibility, I would invest at least one month into ClickFunnels, because the probability to get your expenses back from commissions is quite large. The only thing you need to do is follow through on what you learn from all the free training they provide.

ClickFunnels For Free For Another Month

One Funnel Away Challenge

One method of getting access to ClickFunnels for free one more month is to attend an on boarder training webinar which walks you through how to be an affiliate of ClickFunnels and introduces you to the platform itself.

It is offered to you after you register for the 14-day trial membership. It is highly recommended! I got 1 ½ month of access to ClickFunnels by doing this and didn´t have to stress to learn the platform.

If you want to maximize the free membership at ClickFunnels, you should attend the One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA). OFA is a 30-day funnel builder challenge. You learn to use ClickFunnels and how a funnel work by Russel Brunson himself and a team of experts You will discover absolutely everything you need to launch your own funnel and evaluate your results.

OFA is intense but very good. It will cost you $100. But consider it a minimal investment with enormous potential if you take action on the training you receive.

Pro´s and Con´s of ClickFunnels

There are some pros and some cons to consider if you want to register for ClickFunnels. These are as follows;


  • Easy to get started
  • Lots of free training offered
  • You get access to other great external tools that enhance your funnels and business.
  • All you need in one place for digital marketing
  • Hosting included
  • Autoresponder functionality
  • Access to Facebook Community
  • Great Affiliate Program, up to 40% commission
  • Support services responsive and helpful


  • Expensive at the start of your membership
  • Trial period is too short to get familiar with the platform
  • Requires that you understand how to drive traffic from other sources
  • Requires you to understand e-mail marketing and follow up
  • You need to know how a website block editor is and works
  • Your e-mail inbox will be bombed with offers from Russell Brunson and CF
  • Offers and Upsales are expensive
  • Side products needed to get the most out of CF are expensive
  • Very long delivery time on physical products like the books from Russel Brunson and OFA kit, if you are not living in the USA


What To Do Right After Joining and Some Final Thoughts

Make sure to get acquainted with the platform when you join. Get the onboarding training as you will get 1-month free access to ClickFunnels. Do the first free training webinar, The Funnel Builder Secrets, which will guide you through the platform. In addition, you have access to another 11 webinars and training, which will help you on your way when you get started.

Apply for the affiliate program and set up the payment option to get paid commissions. Then join ClickFunnels Facebook group and ClickFunnels affiliate program Facebook collection, which is called ClickFunnels Affiliate Avengers.

Bottom line; Do I recommend ClickFunnels? Yes, I do without a doubt! The bang for the bucks is excellent. So what are you waiting for, join ClickFunnels for free now!

16 thoughts on “My Personal ClickFunnels 2021 Review”

  1. Awesome review! Thank you so much! I am currently using LeadPages and was thinking of moving to Clickfunnels after my 14 day trial (depending on how it goes). It gets a bit annoying doing the integrations sometimes, especially that you have to always remember to connect the flow for things to work. I am also planning to sell my own products in the nearest future and really appreciate you letting us know about all the pros and cons.

    • Hi, Jean. Thank you for your comment and thoughts about your own experience. I haven´t tried LeadPages yet. So far I am happy with Clickfunnels. I have used ClcikFunnels to get new subscribers to my email list and have had some small conversions into commissions, from other products I have promoted via my funnels.

      This month I will use ClcikFunnels to promote them and another service that I use and are very happy with.


  2. Love this article as I’ve been researching a lot into click funnels lately. I am a big fan of Russel Brunson and have a couple of his Traffic Secrets books. The detailed pros and cons are really helpful because I didn’t want t rush into it as I know it will be expensive (quite rightly so) and there will be a lot of upselling to get the best out of it. But definitely, something to look into for the future.

    • Hi, Kurtes. I can recommend ClickFunnels just like I said in the article. The added value of all the free training you get in the Facebook groups of Clickfunnels is great and contains so much information. If you get stuck with anything you will get the help you need there.


  3. Funnel Marketing?  – I got introduced to them through Anik Segal – I have not tried the platform Click Funnels – Getting 14 days Free to explore Click Funnels and see how it all works is wonderful.  I also like that it is drag and drop – at least at first. So much better than getting discouraged at the beginning and being able to concentrate on the funnel training instead of “how to use my computer”.  The price of $97.00 per month would be scary if they did not offer the 14 day free trial period.  For sure I would take advantage of getting one month free by taking the on boarding training – not only for the free month but I will be learning what to do that would possibly make the $97.00 cost make more business sense. I will for sure be checking ClickFunnels out.  


    • Hi, Connie. I am happy that you have found the review of ClickFunnels useful. If you would like to experiment with coding and more traditional design of the pages, it is possible within the different modules of the funnel builder itself, when you have gotten used to the drag and drop method of creating the funnel you want.

      The possibility to get another month is very good value for money. It makes it a lot less stressful to take the time to get familiar with the tool.


  4. ClickFunnels is not a pyramid scheme but a legit company with a great reputation. The affiliate program does not have membership levels and does not force you to buy the product. You can easily promote even if you are not a member. Lastly, the members use the software to create sales funnels for their own products.YES. ClickFunnels is 100% legit. Every business needs to attract new visitors, educate them, sell them products, and follow up whether they buy or not. That’s exactly what ClickFunnels provides. ClickFunnels is an easy-to-use software that business owners can use instead of a traditional website to sell their products or services. … The purpose of ClickFunnels is to provide business owners more value than they would get from a traditional website, without the work required to build a website.

    • Zayom, thank you for the further elaboration about what ClickFunnels provide. You describe the purpose of ClickFunnels very well. The software is easy to use, and the value of it in terms of selling your own products, promoting other companies products or funnel visitors to your own website is incredible.

      If you are not a” tech savvy” person it is a jewel as well. It is basically drag´n drop building to create from scratch or just use a template, fill in your own text and BOOM you are finished.

      all the best,


  5. This was a great and honest review of ClickFunnels and I enjoyed reading it. About 18 months ago I considered joining ClickFunnels but as I needed to start my business on a shoestring I kept looking and found Wealthy Affiliate. When I saw and read all the advertising with ClickFunnels I felt uncomfortable that there was so much hard pressure up-sell and having read your review I still feel that all the elements are available elsewhere cheaper. 

    But I can see how it would be easier to have all the tools in one place and training on the specific use of this system.

    • Hi, Lily. I agree with you that the pressure is quite hard on the different products Clickfunnels have, but I can as you say as well, understand why they do it as their product is very good and gives tons of value for the money.

      When your starting up, and usually do not have a big budget or money at all to invest in ClcikFunnels, there are many free opportunities to create your funnels, even if it takes more time.

      all the best,


  6. Your intro grabs a readers attention.Great review especially the beginning of your article.The disclaimer are a great component to explain what’s expected when you enter your site.Your affiliate ideas are carefully explained through out the review.Good work and hope you can take a little time to give me some insights on my platform.

    • Thank you for the feedback on the layout of the article, which is highly appreciated. Clickfunnels is a tool that is quite good. The learning curve is steep, but when you first get the hang of it. it is a very good tool.

      All the best,


  7. Thank you for your review on ClickFunnels, I came across this platform the other day and I just have to find out what is it all about.  I love the fact that they offer the 14 day free trial so I get to feel around the platform. I see al the pros and cons but I feel like I have to try it out myself and take it from there. Hopefully I get the hang of it within 2 weeks and we will see if I want to pay $97 a month or not. 

    • Nuttane, CLickfunnels provide a good service, with great potential if used properly. Following their tutorials give a good idea on how this works, and if followed up, after the 14-day trial can give a good Return Of Investment (ROI). One example is to create a funnel leading your audience to your website and on to your e-mail list.

      Good luck,


  8. I enjoyed reading your experience with Clickfunnels. 

    By the way, In the past I have used them before as well. When I first started online I joined a company called 4 Percent. Clickfunnels was a required tool. At the time, making money online made absolutely no sense to me, let alone an expensive tool such as Clickfunnels. So, I cancelled both memberships. 

    Today, I would agree that Clickfunnels is an awesome tool to use if your ready for funnel creation. Although, they are a tad expensive but, so far there is no other company that can give business owners the same flexibility of funnel creation like Clickfunnels does. 

    Another thing I would like to mention is that, Clickfunnels has an awesome support team. Would you agree or disagree? They always try to fix any issue that you may have. Question, if a member signs up for a year. Is there any type of discount offered. I know with many companies if you pay a year in advance there is a discount. 

    • Hi, Lakisha. I agree that they are a tad expensive, but you can in reality just go for ClickFunnels for everything you do and not having to spend money on domain provider, Webhosting, website builder, landing pages, email automation etc. Getting the same services from other providers quickly adds up to more than a regular subscription with ClickFunnels.

      The support team is great. I have had the use of them a couple of times. They are fairly quick to respond, but they take are very flexible and quick to solve your problems.

      ClickFunnels offers a discount of $194 for a year on the regular price plan and also similar for the platinum price plan.

      All the best,



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