My Personal Legendary Marketer Review 2021

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I bumped into Legendary Marketer by sheer coincidence in October last year (2020). I was surfing the Internet, searching for stuff related to affiliate marketing, and read a short article about Legendary Marketer after a recommendation from an affiliate associate of mine.

It caught my interest, but I was a bit reluctant to jump on that train because my gut feeling started to send out warning signals. The article was a short one about a 15-Day Business Builder Challenge that is one of the products of Legendary Marketer.

After doing a bit of research and knowing that my affiliate associate does not engage in anything that is not legit, I decided to register for the challenge. It was only $7 and it was worth the investment, no matter what happened. My thoughts as I registered was of the kind: ” Is this great online marketing training or just the same thing over again; a lot of promises and general advice but no content of value at all?”

Read on for my personal Legendary Marketer review, after 6 months as a member.

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What Is Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer is an education platform that offers tuition in the field of business and marketing. It teaches via digital courses, virtual coaching and live mastermind events. The platform offers “hand-led guiding and coaching” in building your business venture from experienced marketers via dedicated courses, blueprints and mastermind events.

Legendary Marketer describes their education as follows, and I quote:

“Online Marketing Education Delivered Simply And With Integrity.”

It was founded in 2009 by David Sharpe, which is a multi-millionaire marketer and has been featured on Forbes as one of the masterminds of this Industry. He comes from a difficult life as a high school drop-out, filled with drug abuse and personal problems. But Dave has managed to turn his life around and has become very successful.

david sharpe founder of legendary marketer

Legendary Marketer says the following about David Sharpe:

“Leading the charge as CEO of Legendary Marketer is David Sharpe. A 9-year digital marketing vet who has founded 3 multi-million dollar companies from scratch, generated over a quarter-billion in sales online and educated over 500,000 entrepreneurs worldwide. He’s been featured on and was quoted by Forbes as “one of the masterminds of this industry.”

My experience with Legendary Marketer after almost six months as a member is that it is differing from other platforms in a very specific way, and that is how David is conveying the information and knowledge provided on the platform.

David is an authentic and very direct person. He says what he means and as such, it can be a bit unnerving in the beginning, as he doesn´t pack things in.

He is dead honest and direct in how he communicates and train you. There is no fluff from him, and he is speaking to people on a very personal level. You can see this on Legendary Marketers daily WakeUp Call group on Facebook.

The platform has something to offer for everyone, no matter if you are starting out on the digital highway or you are well-established as a marketer and seeking a way to leverage your business even more.

A lot of people have tried several ways to be successful with online businesses. In the search of success, they have tried many things that don´t work. As Legendary Marketer writes on their website:

“You Have tried the “magical money machines” and “get-rich-quick schemes” and now know you need honest, reliable and robust training to learn the skills from coaches and trainers who care”

insider guide to affiliate marketing

I think this sentence describes Legendary Marketer quite well. Remember that I write this based on my experience with them, from doing their 15-day challenge, one on one coaching calls, interacting on their Facebook groups, attending Marketers Club every Monday, as well as having bought several of their low-cost resources, which are severely underpriced in my opinion.

Paying between $1 up to $47$ for the different products is a steal in my eyes.

It has a very attractive affiliate program if you want to promote them. Their commission is between 40-60%, which is great, and your affiliate link is hardcoded to the person that registers for Legendary Marketer through your affiliate link, which means that you will get commissions later if that person buys, for example, one of Legendary Marketers Blueprints.

Both the affiliate program and the main platform, have their own Facebook groups, where everything related to the affiliate program and marketing is discussed. The Facebook groups are very supportive. if you are stuck anywhere with your own business you get a lot of tips on your questions from the community.

Legendary Marketer at a Glance

  • Legendary Wake-up calls on FB
  • Marketers Club
  • Affiliate Program (free and paid, paid gives increased commissions)
  • Affiliate Program Facebook Group
  • Affiliate Training Program
  • Business Blueprints
  • Personal Business Adviser
  • Personal Coaching Calls


Why Did I Decide to Stay With Legendary Marketer

After doing the 15-Day Business Builder Challenge I felt a bit confused and insecure with regards to Legendary Marketer and if this provided me with anything beneficial to growing my business.

To be honest, I actually felt a bit pressured, to get one of the blueprints. It made me feel a bit discouraged and thinking of Legendary Marketer as most of the other services out there. Get the most money out of every customer.

But I realized after some days that the pressure was my own doing, and I decided to stay with Legendary Marketer, my gut feeling told me to hold on a bit more and explore the platform some more. It has no recurring fees for access, so it didn´t matter in that respect. And why not promote them as an affiliate when the commissions were that good?

After having stayed with Legendary Marketer, and completed all the affiliate training, attended several of the WakeUp Calls and Marketers Club training, and gotten all their low-cost products, like the CopyWriter´s Playbook or the 15 Second Free Leads training ($1 and $1.99 for each of them), my opinion of Legendary Marketer has changed.

15 day business builder challenge

The platform offers tremendous value for money and time spent on it. The Facebook Groups, three of them, contain tons of knowledge and extra training that doesn´t cost you a dime.

The training is detailed and very good, but need some updates to be 100% up to speed. But that is the same situation as any other similar platforms on the Internet.

There are several low price training assets provided, from $1 up to$47, which is worth every penny you pay for them. And you get to keep them forever.

The Marketers Club is full of valuable content created by very successful marketers, that can be accessed for $30 per month.  You don´t need to get it, but after I got access to it myself, I have discovered what amount of value that is contained in the product.

The blueprints cost $2500 each and are expensive, but you can get access to all of them by buying one blueprint during the 15-Day business builder challenge. I advise reading the following review of the blueprints to get an idea of what they are as I haven´t bought any of the blueprints yet.

Pro´s and Con´s


  • low cost getting into Legendary Marketer, between $1 and $7 depending on which product you buy
  • Very good affiliate training
  • Lots of promotion material like graphics, swipes and pre-made funnels for affiliates
  • Facebook live every day, 1 hour
  • Marketers Club – training and webinars every Monday for 1 hour, with a vast library of training accessible from the Marketers Club´s vault
  • No recurring costs to stay as a member


  • Some pieces of training seem a little unfinished
  • Big Jump in the price for some products (the blueprints)
  • No single price plan that covers access to most of the resources on the platform
  • Not possible to see all the details of the different programs until you buy access to them

Some Final Thoughts

My experience with Legendary Marketer is all good, but there is one point I would highlight and that is the business adviser coaching call that you get for free when you attend the 15-Day Business Builder Challenge, and that is;  you should be well prepared before you take it. Even if you don´t know anything about business and affiliate marketing, write down all the questions you have beforehand. Sit down and reflect on why you registered for the challenge and what you expect from it. The better prepared and the more defined your end goal is, the better you can benefit from the coaching call.

legendary marketer recommended

Legendary has a lot to offer. As all the platforms that offer education to show you how to create your business online, you have to do the work yourself. Nothing is done for you. You have to remember that you create your own future. Legendary Marketer is there to support you and assist you on your journey.

The introductory offers provide you with tremendous value for money for a few dollars. Get them!  Similar products elsewhere are offered for a lot more than Legendary charges. And remember that you do not need to do the blueprints. You can do them later if you want when you have built yourself a good and consistent revenue stream.

I can fully recommend Legendary Marketer. Go and try them out!

12 thoughts on “My Personal Legendary Marketer Review 2021”

  1. Very interesting post Roy. 

    A review is much more interesting and believable when the writer has actually tried and tested it out. 

    Looks very good from the point of not having to pay much to get access. Shame they don’t offer the opportunity to have a look at the basics before you buy the costlier programmes. That is very common though.

    Great tip on being organised before the coaching call, deciding the questions and direction of your business etc. Must admit I don’t usually think of that ahead of time, just regret not being organised later.

    A very useful and informative post, thank you.

    • Hi, Linda. Thank you for checking ot my review. Since I published it this morning, I found some YouTube videos showing what is inside the blueprints. One of the reviews is from Gracie aka Little Mama, and the other one from Jack Cao .

      Both of them are trustworthy and experienced marketers that have invested in the blueprints themselves and they both recommend the product and Legendary Marketer.

      I intend to buy the blueprint myself by the end of this year.


  2. Hello, thank you for this information. I have a few because am confused about something. In 2019 I contacted this legendary Marketer before starting wealthy affiliate but their welcome guy or so told me I have to pay 1000 dollars for the program But for me, that is expensive especially for someone who just started a business. 

    If you guys think we can afford it, it a very nice place because roope who is the biggest wealthy affiliate member is into the program too. 

    • Hi, and thank you for reading and commenting my article. I appreciate you taking time to ask a very relevant question.

      I didn´t join or know about Legendary Marketer until August/September last year (2020). So, if Legendary Marketer had another way forward in order to get into the 15-Day Business Builder Program, that has changed now. To start the challenge, you will get access for life to it for $7, and even less if you get one of the books that Dave Sharpe has written.

      During the challenge, you will get an offer to buy access to one or all of their Blueprints for $2500 as a bundle, which is great value for money considering that one blueprint bought separately cost $2500. But of course, $2500 is not a small amount of money,

      But the bottom line is;

      the challenge will cost you $7, and you will have access to it and Legendary Marketer for life. By completing the challenge you will be accepted as an affiliate of Legendary Marketer when you apply for the program. That in itself is super, as they have one of the best and very attractive affiliate programs around.

      And finally, you do not have to buy any more courses from them if you don´t want to. I wasn´t pressured to buy anything more, not the blueprint and not the other products.

      So , as a newbie in the business, I would recommend to get the challenge and apply for their affiliate program. Buy the 15-second leads course, and get the Insiders Guide to affiliate marketing pluss the Copywriters Handbook. These are very cheap, between $1 and $3.99 if I am not remembering wrong.

      Why get it? because all these are super products to promote, and you will get high commissions from the sales of any of these products. Combine it with promoting Wealthy Affiliate, and you will have a super combo to promote as an affiliate.

      I hope this clears things up a bit for you. Please contact me again for more info or answers. I am here for you if need any more assistance in this or any other things related to affiliate marketing.

      Have a super day!


  3. I have heard of Legendary Marketer before but I somehow thought that Legendary Marketer was a much more expensive program. It is therefore great to see that one can actually access the initial 15 day training for $7. A great tip that one needs to be prepared with questions and queries before your coaching call to get the most out of it. 

    This has been a very helpful post.

    • Thank you for reading the article and proving your thoughts about Legendary Marketer. At the $7 entry point to get access to content you have to pay by hundreds of dollars on some other platforms it is a very good opportunity to take action upon.

      Glad you enjoyed the article!

      All the best,

  4. Hi Roy,

    Thank you for providing a useful and informative review. Very good job.👍It’s not the first time I’ve read about Legendary Marketer, but every time my intuition stopped me from taking the plunge.The way you presented the review, the aspects within the platform, are very similar to another platform that I was on for a while, and I decided to give up so as not to waste my time.

    I think that no matter how many reviews I read from the platform’s affiliates, none will be more conclusive than the one I would personally do, trying the platform, right? What do you think?

     But, I’m glad you found the right platform for you, and I think that’s the most important thing. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi, Diana. I appreciate your honest and direct feedback, which is of very good value. You are spot on with what you convey, that the best review would be the one you do yourself taking the plunge and try it out for yourself. 

      I think that many who enters into affiliate marketing forget that the products you promote, must be products you know well yourself. How else can you recommend the products or not?

      I have bought access to several affiliate system products that I am trying out, to provide an honest and truthful review about the products, and how they work for me and can work for fellow marketers.

      So far, Legendary Marketer, Wealthy Affiliate and Clickfunnels have been great products for my business, that I can recommend taking into consideration my own situation and how I approach building my own small company.

      Have a great day!


  5. I’ve heard of Legendary Marketer but, never really looked into because, I’ve heard that the program went up into the thousands. And after spending $3k on Mobe and tehri company got shut down I decided to not really pay attention. But, after reading you’re review I now understand that you will get an offer to pay a cheaper price for everything. Of course, that is an amazing deal if the person is prepared at that time to drop that type of money. 

    I also never knew that after accepting the 15 day challenge that you would become an affiliate for the program. You make the program seem affordable and worth a try. I understand blueprints may need to be purchased but, if you feel like you are receiving value without them then I guess Legendary Marketer is worth looking into. 

    • Lakisha, i am glad you have gotten more clarity to what Legendary MArkteter offer and that you can get going for a very good price that provides good value for the money. What attracted me, when I joined the challenge was the opportunity to be accepted as an affiliate of LM.

      All the best,


  6. Thanks for your review. I personally wouldn’t buy Legendary Marketer because it doesn’t contain the cost of everything all in one shot in order to complete the course. If a course promises to help me build a business and then the price of the product sharply increases and I can’t finish the course unless I buy all the courses, it sounds like a scam to me.  People can’t afford $2,500. But they can afford $47. But that $47 won’t give them access to all they need.  

    • Hi, Shalisha. Thank you for reading the review of Legendary Marketer. The framework you get from the 15-Day Business Builder Challenge is good, very good, and you get it for only $7.  And you can just fine create a business from what you learn In that course. You don´t have to buy the blueprints.

      You can get access for a lesser monthly fee to their marketer’s club which is similar to the classes that are taught at Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary marketers Facebook Groups are free. The value of both the FB groups and Marketers club is very good

      Regarding the blueprints,  understand your thought s around this. $2500 is no small amount of money and is a steep price increase from $1 to that amount fairly quickly. I had some serious doubts for some time myself, but after I started to see what and how they teach. After realizing these facts, I have no problems any longer with recommending them. For the record, I have not bought the blueprints.

      In my opinion, it is important to understand that Legendary Marketer provides coaching to develop your business, and gives you a blueprint on how you can scale your business. Coaching is expensive no matter where you get it. The blueprints are for anyone that is ready to quickly leverage their business, instead of going at a slower pace.

      If you look at Wealthy Affiliate, you have to pay $999 to get access to all the tools and training that is offered. And that is a recurring cost, without coaching.

      After two 1/2 years you have paid the same amount as a single payment to Legendary Marketer for all of the 4 Blueprint Programs, and then coaching is not something Wealthy Affiliate offer in their most expensive price plan.

      I have to respectfully disagree with you that their offers are a borderline scam. They are very clear on what they offer, and they actually do advise people not to buy the blueprints if there are any doubts involved.

      All the best,



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