Landing Pages – Memoirs of A Newbie Affiliate Marketer

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Landing Page

I have been focusing the last two weeks on getting my first landing page set up. It has been a process of discovery, frustration, irritation and revelations, you know, the famous AHA moment.

I will share my experience with you and hopefully, you will get something out of this and avoid some pitfalls I have done. I have tested several software tools that you can use to create your Landing Page. My findings are that you do not really need any other tools than your website builder to create a landing page. For me, I can use WordPress, because that is my website builder.

I have been doing affiliate marketing for 10 months, and are a newbie in this business. I didn´t really start to put serious and focused efforts into it, before November 2020. Please read about my memoirs of a newbie affiliate marketer in terms of creating Landing Pages.


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How Do You Choose The Type of Landing Page to Use

I started this year with a big promise to myself, what I will achieve by the end of the year, and each month. You can read it in the article; I have 10´xed My results In 2021. Where am I today?

Not where I want to be is the short answer to this, I have been a bit distracted and I have to focus on the tasks ahead getting where I want. One of these tasks is the Landing Page. If you don´t have a landing page, you lose a lot of leads which you can nurture via E-Mails.

In my opinion, I need 3, one for general use, which I can link to anywhere, one for capturing people via social media posts and articles in general, and one specific link in bio landing page to be used in the bio section of social media like Instagram, Tik Tok and maybe Facebook.

The Strategy and Framework Behind a Landing Page

As we start out as affiliate marketers, blogger and influencers, we need to create content. Someone has to see your content and read your content to become a follower and loyal “fan” of yours.

To do this you need to have control over where you want your fans, i.e. your target audience goes when arriving on your website. And you would want to steer your audience getting their e-mail address so you can nurture them in relation to what you have to offer.

A landing page does this. From the landing page, it will guide your visitors to your home page, social media channels, podcasts, YouTube channel and social media platform accounts where you introduce yourself and directs your audience in the direction you want.

When anyone visits your website, you want them to see your Landing Page first. Bear in mind that every page or post on your website is in fact a landing page, when I say this, that means that the page or post your visitor sees first is the landing page. But, You can control what they see before letting them roam free on your website.

roysin landing page

More specifically, I would lead them to a couple of other pages or posts, that are specific to my niche, how to start affiliate marketing, and as I do this I lead them to the best platform I know of to start and that is the starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

WA has a great introduction to this business model, with 10 free lessons on affiliate marketing in 7 days and one free website to build your first site.

to attract people to your website and landing page, organic traffic from searches and “funneling ” them to your site from social media like Facebook and TikTok

Different Tools For Different Needs Creating Landing Pages

Which tool you use to create your landing pages is a matter of preferences. The important part is to connect the landing page to an autoresponder to collect emails in one place.

An autoresponder is a tool that gathers all your visitors in a list, which you then can start sending emails to, following up on them with tips, stories and offers. The basic thing is to be a “buddy” and create a mutual relationship of trust. I will publish another article about autoresponders, how to use them and my personal recommendations of which autoresponder to choose


A page created in WordPress is the simplest and best way of getting started. Design it how you like, insert a form to collect your visitor’s email, and link that page to another page or post on your website.


WordPress Plugins:

I great feature in WordPress is the plugins. There are several plugins that you can use to create both a landing page and a user form to collect your visitors email. I haven´t read any of the plugins available, even if I have a couple of them installed, but not activated.

One thing to take notice of is that some autoresponders also have WordPress plugins that makes life much easier in order to integrate a landing page on your website.


There are several autoresponders to choose from that has ready-made templates you can use and they are usually easy to customize. But the downside with autoresponders is in relation to some configuration settings which can be quite challenging getting right.

Some autoresponders I have tried has a somewhat difficult user interface which takes time getting used to.

The autoresponders usually come at a cost. The only 2 I know of at the moment that offers free subscription plans are Aweber and Convertkit. I use both of them at the moment, but I prefer to use Aweber which is a bit easier getting started with.

Graphics Software:

Graphics Software tools, like Canva. Canva allows you to create a landing page of your choosing based on their templates, download it and use it on your website, or you can publish the landing page directly from Canva.

Summary and Some Final Words

Traffic to your landing page can be obtained by making your presence known by making your website grow in authority on the Internet. This is one by posting content of value on a regular basis, using the keywords that will attract your target audience.

Further, you can place your landing page URL in your bio, your posts or videos on the social media platforms you use, or you can make use of Ads Campaigns.

The bottom line is to make sure to create the content of value in everything you do, form the content you publish on your website to the content you write on your landing pages and social media. Be an authentic and genuine regular person that people can relate to, and they will click on your landing page and see what you have to offer.

If they do not take what you offer this time, you have their email address, and can send them other offers via nurturing them through an automated email series.

Leave a comment below, and share on your social channels if you find this article useful.

Have a fantastic day!


– Never Stop Learning and reach For The Skies –

8 thoughts on “Landing Pages – Memoirs of A Newbie Affiliate Marketer”

  1. Thank you for this great information, Roy.  I am also a newbie so I’ve learned quite a bit just reading this.  I’m going to definitely look into an autoresponder through these recommendations you listed here. I’m also going to investigate Canva, as images are always a challenge for me.  Thank for posting!

    • You are welcome, Cynthia It has taken some time to get used to the autoresponders. But that has mostly been due to me, not taking the time to learn the user interface and as such having to do things 2 times to get it right.

      The autoresponders I have listed is quick to respond to any questions you might have and I can recommend both of them. Another one that is great is the Getresponse autoresponder, but they do not have a free subscription plan. But their user interface and tools are very good as are their support department as well.

      Good luck,


  2. This is a very helpful post on creating landing pages for newbies. I currently do not have a landing page, and one of the stumbling blocks for me has been the misconception that I need to subscribe to an autoresponder. I did not realise that I can create a landing page with a WordPress plugin, so I will certainly give that a try. 

    I have learnt several things from your post that I will implement. Great tips.

    • Hi, I am glad that it was of help to you. I had the same misconceptions about landing pages for a while, but have “seen the light”. I have some landing pages created in my Autoresponder tool “Aweber”. But I am working on creating my own in WordPress, following the steps on 2webinars at Wealthy Affiliate. 

      Good luck on creating your landing page! 🙂

      Please contact me if you need some more assistance with your landing page.


  3. I have really enjoyed your article. And I feel I have learned a ton because you patiently showed us the science behind landing pages. I know building things takes time and a steep learning curve. Thank you for your encouragement to always be learning. We stop when we stop learning!

    • Hi, Ann! That is super. But I am curious to what your struggle with landing pages is? I would love to hear about them.

      In addition to the tools mentioned in the article, you can also create sign-up forms with Google forms, quick and easy, and it is free.

      All the best,


  4. Thanks for all the information on this page.  I am very new to affiliate marketing and my site is coming along quickly. I look forward to the autoresponder article that you said was coming. I do not have this on my site yet and would definitely like to get it set up. Im excited for the future!

    • Hi, you are welcome :-)I am finishing another article on affiliate marketing and how to get started for free. The Autoresponder article is in its early draft but should be ready to be published in 2 days, which would be on Monday 15th of March. 

      Looking forward to hearing more about your progress, and hope that you have bookmarked my site and opted in for my newsletter.

      All the best,



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