What Is SEO About?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the core skills for an affiliate marketer or anyone who wants to get their presence noted on the Internet. You use SEO to tell everyone on the Internet that “I am here, and this is my new blog post, social media post or YouTube video”. If you haven’t … Read more

Landing Pages – Memoirs of A Newbie Affiliate Marketer

I have been focusing the last two weeks on getting my first landing page set up. It has been a process of discovery, frustration, irritation and revelations, you know, the famous AHA moment. I will share my experience with you and hopefully, you will get something out of this and avoid some pitfalls I have … Read more

I Have 10X ´ed My Results in 2021

Intro I started out on this platform with the intentions of writing 365 blog posts for one year. That might come to bearing fruit, but at the moment I have only published 3 blog posts including this one, and I stand corrected. Nevertheless, since publishing the first blog post on Medium, I have finalized and … Read more

What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Get Started?

You have probably seen the term affiliate marketing being mentioned on the Internet and been wondering what it is. Affiliate marketing can be defined as “Promoting products of other people on the Internet.” Affiliate Marketing is usually described as a compelling and straightforward concept to market goods and services. As such, it is characterized as … Read more

A Quote Tells Us to Enjoy the Small Things in Life

One of my favourite quotes says ” Enjoy the Little Things in Life for Someday You Will realize That They Were The Big Things”. Sit down for a moment and think about the quote. Do you notice the small things that are happening in your life, or do you overlook them? How do they impact … Read more