My Personal ClickFunnels 2021 Review

Update 15 July 2021: I am not an affiliate of ClickFunnels anymore as I have found another Landingpage/Squeezepagebuilder, TDPages that fulfil my needs perfectly, for a much lower price than ClickFunnels. I will write a review of TDPages in the next couple of weeks. That doesn´t mean that I don´t recommend ClickFunnels, but at its … Read more

Pocket-the Perfect Tool to Save Ideas

I just had an “Aha” moment while reading financial news and reviewing my portfolio of funds and stocks. One of my favorite websites for this is the website of a fellow Norwegian guy named Eivind Berg. He is blogging about finance and how to invest in stocks, funds, and more in an easy to understand … Read more

Welcome to Roysin

Welcome to This is my home on the Internet as a Digital Entrepreneur (DE). My website will discuss, blog, and provide reviews of all and anything that is related to affiliate marketing and living the lifestyle as a DE. Most people around the world are active on the Internet. And there are unlimited opportunities to … Read more