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Welcome to Roysin. I am Roy and you have landed on my space in the digital realm. I am honored to have you as a visitor and hope you will find the topics discussed on the website informative and interesting, and that you will find it worthwhile to become a returning visitor.

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Why Roysin

I have always been interested in computers and when the World Wide Web was launched, I was online shortly after. After some years I started to notice more and more people and companies started to do their business via digital channels. All this started slowly at first, but then began to accelerate, and today “everybody” is connected.

The Corona pandemic has started a digital revolution during all these months the virus has been active. A lot of companies who have been doing their business the traditional way have been struggling to stay afloat, while the companies that have been embracing the digital arena from earlier have prospered during the pandemic.

Why this website you may ask yourself? What has all this to do with you? During the lockdown, actually the day before the Covid-19 lockdown, I was in surgery to fix a problem with some nerves in one of my feet. The day after, recovering at home from the surgery, the lock-down went into effect.

While reading the newspaper about the situation the same day, I accidentally found an article about a guy who was making 5000,-Nkr each month, that is about $500,-,  from writing about shaving and grooming products for mustaches and beards.

The article really caught my interest and I started to do some research about this from other sources on the Internet. And this research ended up in registering with Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

Some years ago a colleague of mine and I had a small company that provided web design and development services to our clients. We had a few customers and made some small revenue from the venture, but it wasn´t worth it wrt the amount of time involved, developing a solution, and the financial outcome for me and my friend.

My Vision with This Website

I have decided to start this website with the intention to provide my visitors, you, with tools and information that will put you in the situation to decide which steps you need to take in order to make changes in your life. Change that can give you the economical and personal freedom to do what you really want without being limited by a 9 to 5 routine each day.

I believe that the time has come to make the most out of the opportunities that a digital lifestyle offers, and I want to spread the knowledge on how to do this to as many as possible of my fellow passengers on Planet Earth.

You do not need much start to become a Digital Entrepreneur (DE). You can start from a little sum of money, you might have the basic tools available already from your Internet provider, and you do not need a lot of equipment. Your minimum initial set up is:

  • Access to the Internet
  • Access to a computer
  • Interested in writing ( not a strict requirement, but it will help and you can learn to write along the way)
  • The ability to communicate with people in a community and support their journey towards their goals
  • A deep and burning desire to reach your goals and be successful in what you start
  • Ready and committed to put in the time and to invest in what you start
  • It helps a lot if you have some interests you want to explore to the fullest

If you agree on this list, you can go wherever you want. I cannot promise you anything. You have to do it by yourself. But what i will promise you is support and guidance on your road towards your goals. If you put in the time and effort required to reach your goals, then you are in a very good position to succeed. But you will have to be patient, This is not a get rich quick venture. It will take time, and will be a result of the effort you invest in this endeavor.

The Purpose of This Website

My website, Roysin, will provide you with all the tools and resources you need access to in order to start your journey as an entrepreneur in the digital arena. I started my journey as a Digital Entrepreneur with Wealthy Affiliate 4 months ago, but have been in the digital arena for several years doing website development both for other companies as well as in the private realm. I am currently well underway in my training to learn everything there is to know about affiliate marketing and affiliate training

I have a mission. That mission is to let Roysin be your online resource for developing your own space on the Internet, to be your source to grow, to learn, to build, and to expand your network to make your own business grow.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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