A Quote Tells Us to Enjoy the Small Things in Life

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One of my favourite quotes says ” Enjoy the Little Things in Life for Someday You Will realize That They Were The Big Things”. Sit down for a moment and think about the quote.

Do you notice the small things that are happening in your life, or do you overlook them? How do they impact your course of action in everyday life? Do they affect your progress towards your goals?

I think the quote is excellent, and that we shouldn’t forget to enjoy the little things in life for someday you will realize that they were the big things. Sadly, people, in general, realize this when it is too late.

I am quite confident that many of you that read this will recognize the quote from their own life.

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Starting the New Day off On the Right Foot

We have a dog in our family. She is a beautiful little lady who goes by the name of Nemi. She has her routines, and one of them is the morning walk.

She needs to go to the bathroom in the morning, and she needs to stretch her legs a bit to get her body going at the beginning of a new day. She is just like us when we wake up. If you have a dog or a cat for that matter, have you noticed this and studied their morning rituals?

If you haven’t, do it and watch what they do, all the little things that make up their day. When Nemi is finished with her stretching routine, she comes to me and my wife to greet us and say good morning, and then say hello to our kids if they ar awake.

She says good morning with cuddles and playing a little bit. It is her way to say good morning, I love you. The routine she has created is great. Nemi´s way of communicating very is very subtle and gentle. After 7 years with her, my family and I have at last started to understand her on a deeper level.

After all the play and fun, and of course the cuddles, she is ready to go on her morning walk. She is clearly showing me that she is happy, doing her incredible cute little “tribal dance” in front of the door and around me or my wife.

 The Morning News and Peace of Mind

When we finally get out, Nemi runs along, sticking her snout down on the ground and checks out her surroundings, reading the “newspaper”. Who has been here, when were they here and what did they do?

When the weekend arrives, her morning walks are of a much longer duration. They usually last for an hour. She decides where she wants to go and how long it lasts.

The fantastic part of it all is that we are completely alone and can enjoy the sounds of Mother Nature to the fullest without being disturbed. This lays the foundation of a moment of mindfulness.

The clicking away on the pavement from her tiny paws are entering my ears, in sync with the bird’s song from many birds, leaves that rustle in the mild breeze as we pass, the feeling of the breeze stroke my face and arms, the smell of mother nature, butterflies fluttering away on their morning tasks, bumblebees buzzing away on their morning chores. These are small things looked at separately, but a really big thing when you see them together. All of them gives such a calming and soothing impact on body and mind

Without one of these small things, we would not have the others…

My Mind Goes into Creativity Modus and New Ideas Starts to Form

My mind drifts away on its own during this time. It is spinning around at “free will”. Fragments from yesterday and the day before together with fragments from the present floating around.

After a while, the fragments start to connect and making sense, and the new day´s tasks start to manifest themselves, new ideas follow, getting fuelled by the energy of everything around me.

The result is several new ideas for blog posts for my website!

Digital Entrepreneurs And The Ability to Make Use of the Little Things in Life

As digital entrepreneurs, we do to develop our websites, our network and our online presence. To succeed you have to pay attention to the little things, as they will lead you to your destination, wherever, whenever and whatever that is.

The little things will join together as snow crystals when you are making a snowball. If you do not gather enough snow, the snowball will stay small. Small things going unnoticed and overlooked, is opportunities and possibilities lost.

I got a surprise this morning checking my social media platforms, belonging to a niche about Coffee, Beer and Gadgets.  I haven’t been very active on them, and haven’t managed to gear up on the pinning and posting yet. But every now and then, a new post has been published. On the referenced Pinterest account, I have reached over 24k views on the account and the published pins at the moment

The number has increased from some 20 views at the beginning of last month, and that is without having more than a handful of my own pins published.

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Think about the possibilities this offers to drive traffic to my websites! I can see clearly why it is important to have enough content on my websites. Content equals traffic, equals better chance for conversions!

So again: “”Enjoy the Little Things in Life for Someday You Will realize That They Were The Big Things”

The digital entrepreneur lifestyle is a lifestyle without other limitations than what you set yourself. Do you want to try to make a change and take action to work when, wherever and however you want?

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Please read, comment and provide your own views of this post in comment form beneath the article. I would love to hear your views.


16 thoughts on “A Quote Tells Us to Enjoy the Small Things in Life”

  1. I really enjoyed everything about this article from the start to finish. I like that you started this article with a well written and relatable analogy. I agree with you that it is the little things that make the big difference and it is also like that quote that goes tiny drops make a big ocean. Its important to focus on the minute details and then build from there. 

    • Beesan , thank you a bunch for your kind comment. I love the morning and evening walks with our dog. It is such a soothing experience on my mind and makes me relax big time.  It is great to experience Mother Nature up close and really take in how incredibly beautiful our world can be and also what opportunities it provides if we just grab them and make something good out them.

      The comparison of your that tiny drops make a big ocean is terrific. Thank you😊


  2. Hi Roy,

    I am a huge fan of LinkedIn and what I do every morning before I start work is post a motivational quote. I get a lot of engagement on it because it helps people before they start their working day. It’s amazing what a small quote can do for your thoughts and how you feel. We need more of those motivational quotes in my opinion.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Hi Tom,

      Thank you for your feedback. Yes, I have seen you on LinkedIn and I am sure I am following you 😊. Motivational quotes are nice way to start off a new day. It triggers creativity and engagement. I use them for my self-development. If I have a challenge that seems to be invincible, reading the perfect quote be a “lifesaver”.

      I am with you when you say that we need more of motivational quotes.

      Have a great weekend!

  3. I love the way you connect your dog’s behavior with that quote and our own behavior. I am falling in love with your dog 😀
    Quotes are great. I post one on my facebook page every day and more often than not something happens that goes along with that quote. What amazes me the most is that I plan the quotes a month up front, so I never know which one will turn up that day.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Hannie, Our dog is a beauty inside and outside. She is great and we are so thankful that we have had the opportunity to have her in our life. Quotes are great. I take a lot of inspiration and energy from quotes. They tend to impact our lives in very specific manners. Interesting that you experience situations that go along with the quote of the day. I think it is a kind of “mind over matter”, you have the imprint of the quote in your mind and then the mind will look for similar patterns during the rest of the day.

      Thank you for sharing your quote strategy on your Facebook page:-)

      Stay safe!

  4. Its so easy to overlook at small things in life and take pretty much everything in life for granted. You truly realize this…when you spend some time in a hospitals. When you cannot do the simple things you used to with no effort. Enjoy every single moment of your life while you can. Take it as a precious gift from heaven.

    • Hi Satz. Thank you for your well-written comment to my article. The simple things in life are golden nuggets of fuel to a good life. Comparing it to time spent in hospitals is a good way to discover the value of the little and almost “invincible” things in your life. It is only when these things are taken away from you, you realise how big a value they have.
      Indeed they are precious gifts from heaven.

      Take care!

  5. Definitely Roy, It’s the small things that make the biggest difference. Or it could be that you continue to do smaller things over a period of time, in the end, you would’ve accumulated a bigger piece.
    Thank you for the motivation.
    All the best

    • Hi, Habib. Thank you kindly for your comment. You have a very good observation regarding the quote. Accumulation of the smaller things over a period of time will give results in terms of something bigger.

      Stay safe!

  6. Thank you Roy for this wonderful post. Sometimes, we get too overwhelmed with the difficulties that life throws on our way, that we forget to remain grateful. And while reading your article, I related with a lot of things. And what I have learnt, is to remain appreciative of the little things. That’s one of the key principles to living a happy life.
    I will bookmark this post. Thanks again!

    • Hi, Rinelle. Thank you for your comment and your reflections on how the little things in life impact us, and the directions we choose to go. In a busy life, we tend to focus only on the big issues and totally overlook the tiny cogwheels that together in the “end” add up to big results. Life is precious, the little things make the difference in how we travel through life.

      I am very glad that I have triggered reflections of yours on how we should be grateful for the little things and that in real life are key principles to make your life a happy one.


  7. Hello Roy, thanks for sharing a very impressive content. Many of is out there do not know the importance of taking the little things that comes our way and making the most of it. I really feel many people have missed a lot of chances all in the name of it’s really small and nothing can come from it. I believe this is the type of article that can change the world for better. 

    • Hi, Justin. Thank you for your kind comment. The little things that get overlooked are the little gems in life. It is some time afterwards that we realize that those small things should have been treasured and saved for later.

      I agree with you fully that making a habit of noticing and keeping such moments safe can contribute to our present-day society in a very positive manner.


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    • Hi, Jack. Thank you for reading the article and providing feedback on it. Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a living or extra income. With a platform as Wealthy Affiliate, the tools are readily available for you as you point out. Then it is up to every individual member of Wealthy Affiliate to take advantage of all the awesome opportunities that Wealthy Affiliate provides.



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