2021 Wealthy Affiliate Review – Provider of One of the Best Platforms to Succeed

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Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership
Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership

I am a digital entrepreneur. In March 2020 I registered with Wealthy Affiliate (WA) to learn how to make websites and make some revenue from the knowledge I would acquire from the platform.

I have always been interested in doing work online but coming to 2020, I hadn´t nailed it yet. Last year, at a perfect point in time for me, WA appeared and at that moment I realised that this was the opportunity that I had been waiting for. It time to start realising my ultimate dreams. The date was the 10th of March 2020.

I have a formal education within computing and have also developed some websites for commercial use earlier on, and consider myself fairly knowledgeable in digital technology. From what I have experienced while being a member of WA, they are the real deal, and in my opinion, they are a provider of one of the best platforms to succeed in online marketing.

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What Brought Me to Wealthy Affiliate

In March 2020, I had a surgery in my left foot. I needed to remove a couple of nerves between to toes, that had come in a squeeze between some bones and started hurting like mad. While recovering from the surgery, I was searching the Internet for general information and news and bumped into an article in a major Norwegian newspaper about this guy who made money from blogging about men’s grooming products.

The article caught my attention, because he was doing what I wanted to do several years before, but didn´t succeed. Maybe it was time to try once again. I investigated a bit more about this guy and how he had done what he did. He was actually earning between $500 and $600, each month, which is a nice sum of money.

Wealthy Affiliate Internet Marketing University
Wealthy Affiliate Internet Marketing University

This lead me to another website called One More Cup of Coffee, which explained very well what affiliate marketing was and the basics of how to start. The website also had a banner for Wealthy Affiliate which was recommended as a starting point when entering into affiliate marketing.

My Background

I am a pilot by profession, both military and in civilian commercial aviation, and have been doing that for about 20 years. I have studied, both some Astronomy and Astrophysics, Microsoft Mastering Office Development (MOD) and Network administration (Novell). Further, I have 18 years of experience in project management and some formal education related to that.

Through my education, professional life and life in general, I have learned the hard way to check all facts available in everything I do, and not to express any opinions and conclusions based on the lack of knowledge. My actions must be based on facts and sound conclusions. A background from martial arts, competing on national and international level goes into the pool of experience.

As such, providing knowledge and advice to others by writing reviews about products and services, is a task that should not be taken lightly. We should be aware that we could be leading someone into something that they do not want to have. Further, we might be biased in relation to something, and as a result, provide a biased review not based on objectivity and facts. You see such a methodology quite often when reading reviews on the Internet

If possible, I try the product or the service for a while for myself, before saying or writing anything about it. By using this approach to my reviews and blog posts I work to gain trust by the visitors to my websites and social media platforms as a genuine and honest source to go to for information.

My View of Entrepreneurship

What is the definition of an entrepreneur? Wikipedia defines entrepreneurship and entrepreneur as follows:


“An entrepreneur is a person who organises a venture to benefit from an opportunity, rather than working as an employee”


Entrepreneurship is the creation or extraction of value.[1][2][3] With this definition, entrepreneurship is viewed as change, which may include other values than simply economic ones.”

Taking into consideration the above-referenced definitions, and the description of “extraction of value”, there is sadly not everyone who has this in mind when writing their review. It is easy to think about yourself and what you want, instead of what your target audience want and need. Remember, your target audience is the ones who are searching for something of value to them, not of value to you!

As an entrepreneur, I am here to provide a solution to the problems people on the Internet are searching for within online marketing and personal growth. I am obliged to give them the best advice I possibly can

Wealthy Affiliate – A Webhosting Service, Source of Education, Knowledge and a Community of Likeminded Entrepreneurs

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a platform with over 2,3 million members from 193 countries. The members are spread between all levels of society and calls itself the Home of Affiliate Marketing. I find that a good description.

The common denominator for every member of WA is the desire to create an online business or online presence and finding a tangible way to enter into online marketing as an affiliate marketer.

WA offers a wide range of features and services that can assist you to succeed in establishing yourself online. It is centred around teaching you the skills to build a blogging website on which you can earn money from affiliate commissions. That being said it is only one person that can create the success you are searching for, and that is you and only you. If you do not take action when you start, you will either not see results at all, or it will take longer to get where you want, than if you take massive action and really work diligently, with discipline, to reach your goals.

WA features:

  • Education
  • Support
  • Keyword research and competition analysis
  • Website creator tools
  • Hosting
  • Networking
  • Affiliate Program
  • Community

Education, Training and Classes

WA has existed for 15 years and is still growing. They cater to people who are entirely new to digital marketing and the Internet, and to those more experienced in the digital arena. There are basically 3 different ways of getting educated on the platform.


The training is divided into 2 different training programs which are;

The first one, OEC, is targeted to beginners and contains 5 modules with 10 lessons in each module. That is a total of 50 lessons teaching you what you need in order to get started and learn while you earn. Following the training point by point and having patience, you will have built a nice website with enough content, blog posts, to increase the chance of seeing some results appearing from your work at the end of the training.

Affiliate Bootcamp will take your knowledge from the OEC training and boost it towards the Money Making Online niche. It basically focuses on how to make the most out of the digital marketing niche and teaching others to start their own business online.

The Affiliate Bootcamp training contains 7 modules with 10 lessons in each module, a total of 70 lessons. I have completed the OEC training and I am currently on module 1 of the Affiliate Bootcamp.

Each lesson contains a text tutorial, and one video tutorial plus a set of tasks to be completed before going to the next lesson. The lessons in each training program are very good. The lessons are kept at a comfortable pace, and if there are any questions there is a discussion thread belonging to each lesson.


In addition to the two training alternatives, there are different live classes being done each week. You can attend them live or you can watch the replay, which is great for those of us that are not living in the USA, due to timezone differences. The classes cover all of the topics related to online marketing. There is constantly added new classes, so the material in the classes are constantly updated.

The membership level you have will determine how many of the available classes you have access to.


Tutorials are another great feature of WA. The members can develop their own tutorials and share it with the community. So, If you are an expert on something, or have found a great tool or asset that is beneficial for online marketing, you can make a tutorial to share this with the community. Another great feature of the tutorials you create is the opportunity to earn commissions from your tutorials.

If you have questions related to training, classes or other questions, the platform has a powerful feature for it. You will get your answer from the community, the instructors or from support at WA quite rapidly.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community

The Wealthy Affiliate community is one of a kind in my opinion. It is vast, it is diverse and it is extremely helpful, engaged and supportive. You can discuss and provide your views on almost anything. But there are some areas that will get you banned from blogging or commenting on the platform and that is:

  • Political Views
  • Religion
  • Bad Behaviour
  • Promoting your website or products

The tone on the platform is a positive one, and sharing knowledge between the members is central to the platform.

Affiliate Program

WA has an affiliate program which is very lucrative as you get more and more referrals. Your commissions from your referrals depend on which level of membership you have, and all members are automatically a member of it. In either case, the commission WA pay, are good.

Wealthy Affiliate Commisions

You are also automatically a member of Jaaxy´s affiliate program, which is a standalone online tool for researching keywords. It is very powerful, and one of the best keyword tools available on the Internet. Jaxxy has 3 different membership levels, Starter (free), Pro ($49/month) and Enterprise ($99/Month).

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Levels

There are three different membership levels, Starter(Free), Premium($49/month) and Premium Plus ($99/Month). Basically, the difference between the three is the level of commissions and access to more training resources. The biggest difference is the addition of Jaaxy Keyword Tool Enterprise to the Premium Plus membership level, which by itself would cost you $1188/$997 for a year, depending on paying yearly or monthly.

The value of Jaaxy Enterprise is alone worth the membership fee for Premium Plus.

You can see the comparison between the different levels in the following graphics. You can click on the picture for a bigger version: 

WA Membership Levels
WA Membership Comparison

Hosting of Websites, Email and Website Building Tools

WA provides access to several tools to create and maintain your online presence. These are as follows: are one of the worlds greatest keyword search and analysis tool, access to WordPress for building your website, One-click publishing of a new website, tools for easy creation and editing of blog posts to your website, hosting services for your domains and websites which is very good, site support 24/7 that ensures close to 100% up-time of your sites.

  • Jaaxy Keyword tool
  • WordPress website builder
  • Content creator and editor
  • Domain hosting
  • Email hosting
  • 24/7 fast response site-support
  • Security Features, spam and hacking prevention

What Do People Say About Wealthy Affiliate

As with other similar services, there are different opinions about WA and what it offers. With such an enormous number of members, it is impossible to not have members that will have a not so good experience with WA, due to different reasons. I think that expectations are one of them. If you expect WA to be a get rich quick solution you are you are wasting your time becoming a member of WA. WA teaches you how to make a blog and making money from that blog.

Some members experience not being provided with the service and support they expect from WA,a d gets discouraged by that. Some members think the membership fees are high, but the hard fact is that WA offers a lot in their different packages which will cost you the same or more going elsewhere, cost both in time and money.

The Pro´s and Con´s of Wealthy Affiliate


  • User Interface can be a bit confusing the first days, before getting acquainted
  • It can seem easier to get going and start earning money than it is
  • Trial period only 7 days, should at least have been 14 days.
  • Updates to SSL certificates ever 3 months can lead to some short period of time with unavailability to websites or email


  • All needed tools and resources available in one place
  • The use of WordPress website builder. Highly customizable and tons of free add-ons available
  • Affiliate Program with high commissions
  • Community – friendly, supportive and helpful
  • High-quality training and education
  • New training and education provided weekly
  • Quick response from Site Support

Some Final Thoughts

Wealthy Affiliate promotes themselves as the Home of Affiliate Marketing and as Wealthy Affiliate University. As the claim of “University” is not true in what we normally think of when it is used, WA provides the knowledge and the tools needed to build your online presence in a clear and thorough manner. The tools provided make it possible to become very successful if you are committed and willing to put in the time and work necessary to develop your business according to the training WA offer.


wealthy affiliate going up


WA is not a magic castle that will make you able to earn money or get rich overnight. What WA provides is the means to create a solid and sustainable business that will keep paying off, if you just put time and effort into it. It will make you able to work whenever you want and wherever you want. and after some time, depending on your effort spent, the momentum will build and so will the pay-off from what you build.

In our period of time, living off the digital highway is becoming more and more the new normal. Traditional methods of earning your living are changing. ake the opportunity now to make a change that could make a huge impact on your life


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